Roman monuments (Ancient ruins, Colosseum, St Peter’s)
3 photographs, sizes unknown
Presented by Dr Rowe, 1875
Location unknown 

These photos, listed in the 1894 and 1905 NGV catalogues, no longer appear to be extant, although comparable older photographs are held in both the SLV and NGV.

They were donated with a reproduction of Guido Reni’s fresco Aurora (not listed here); the identity of the donor has yet to be established.

See also Macpherson Photographs of Rome {1860/61} SLV [PH] and * Unknown Roman monuments (Pantheon etc.) {1904} Loc? [PH].


AR 1875, p.39; NGV 1894, p.127 (V.Buvelot Gallery, south wall, nos.10, 11 and 13); NGV 1905, p.152 (V.Buvelot Gallery, south wall, nos.12, 14 and 16)