Pre-Felton works after Velazquez
Longstaff after Velazquez Aesopus 1890 {1890} NGV [PA]
Quinn after Velazquez Infanta Margarita Teresa {1895} NGV [PA]

 The Spanish Baroque master appealed to Manet and many other 19th-century painters for his combination of brilliant brushwork and cool tonality, and several recipients of the NGV Travelling Scholarship copied his works (examples listed above).


An influential text in the pre-Felton era was The Art of Velazquez (1895), by R.A.M.Stevenson, a cousin of Robert Louis Stevenson. Among numerous recent references, see in particular Johnathan Brown & Carmen Garrido, Velazquez: the Technique of Genius, Yale UP, 1998; and Suzanne Stratton-Pruitt (ed.), The Cambridge Companion to Velazquez, Cambridge UP, 2002