Illustrated Books supervised by Wyatt:
Wyatt Industrial Arts of the Nineteenth Century 1853 {1861} SLV [IB]
Wyatt Views of the Crystal Palace 1854 {1859} SLV [IB]

Wyatt, who trained and practised as an architect, played a key role in overseeing the construction of Paxton’s design of the Crystal Palace and also, as Secretary of Great Exhibition Committee, the overall arrangements of the exhibits in 1851. In that role, he also supervised the publication of the Industrial Arts volume listed above, highlighting the industrial and decorative arts objects included in the Great Exhibition.

He was subsequently closely involved in the design of exhibits in the reconstructed Crystal Palace in Sydenham (1854ff.), and for several related publications, including the volume of Views listed above. He was also a major contributor to the series of handbooks to the Sydenham collections published in 1854 and purchased for the Melbourne Public Library in 1858: for full details, refer Bibliography (under Fine Art Courts).


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