Picture Gallery, South Wing, Lt Lonsdale Street 1872
Silver albumen photograph
SLV H96.160/1794 (transferred from the Victorian Patents Office, 1908)

This photograph (one of a pair) documents the appearance of the Public Library’s temporary picture gallery as it appeared between c. 1865 and 1875.

Prominent are several of the NGV’s earliest painting acquisitions: Cope Pilgrim Fathers 1856 {1864} NGV [PA], at the extreme right, and, next to it, Guérard Mount Kosciusko 1866 {1870} NGV [PA]. In front of them, presiding over the room, is * Noble [after] Queen Victoria {1863} Loc? [SC]. 


The two photographs are listed in the SLV catalogue as transferred from the Victorian Patents Office, 1908