Litton, Robert Tuthill (1859-96; Australian)

Works listed in this catalogue as donated by Litton Hunt (D.) Langley Dell {1889} NGV [PA] Kneller Portrait of a Lady {1886} NGV [PA] Mentioning his 1886 donation of the Kneller portrait (regarded at the time as by an unknown artist), Alison Inglis and others (2018) describe Litton as a “prominent colonist,” and note that he was a Fellow

Tulk, Augustus Henry (1810-73; English)

Pre-Felton works commissioned by/bought on Tulk’s advice: Beechey Portrait of a Lady {1865} NGV [PA] (then thought to be by an unknown painter) Duckett Design for the Seal of the Melbourne Public Library {1868} Loc? [DR] Tulk (1810-73), who arrived in Australia from England in 1854, aged 32, was the first librarian of the Public