Barkly, Sir Henry (1815-98; English)

In his role as Victoria’s third Governor (1856-63), Barkly formally welcomed the formation of the new Museum of Art in May 1861 as “…the auspicious commencement of so grand a design.” (see Inglis & others 2011). The various portraits of Barkly listed below (evidence of the esteem in which he was held) were all completed

Smith, James (1820-1910; English/Australian)

[photo: Robert Dowling: James Smith 1884 (SLV H41737; gift of Smith’s widow, 1910)] An influential critic and commentator on the fine arts in Melbourne throughout the pre-Felton era, Smith consistently proclaimed the view (shared by Redmond Barry and others) that art should be an improving force in society, clearly exhibiting moral values. Virtually an exact

π.ο. (b.1951; Greek/Australian)

Melbourne writer π.ο. is a noted concrete poet and self-proclaimed anarchist, who has published several long poems in recent years. The latest of them, Heide (Giramondo, 2019), composes a set of dazzling and sometimes wild variations on its main theme, the cultural life centred on John and Sunday Reed’s famous property, now a museum, in

Litton, Robert Tuthill (1859-96; Australian)

Works listed in this catalogue as donated by Litton Hunt (D.) Langley Dell {1889} NGV [PA] Kneller Portrait of a Lady {1886} NGV [PA] Mentioning his 1886 donation of the Kneller portrait (regarded at the time as by an unknown artist), Alison Inglis and others (2018) describe Litton as a “prominent colonist,” and note that he was a Fellow

Tulk, Augustus Henry (1810-73; English)

Pre-Felton works commissioned by/bought on Tulk’s advice: Beechey Portrait of a Lady {1865} NGV [PA] (then thought to be by an unknown painter) Duckett Design for the Seal of the Melbourne Public Library {1868} Loc? [DR] Tulk (1810-73), who arrived in Australia from England in 1854, aged 32, was the first librarian of the Public

Dalgety, F.G. (1817-94; Australian)

Pre-Felton acquisitions made with funds donated by Dalgety in 1862 are noted in the following entries: Ancient art (a preliminary account) Asian art (a preliminary account) Copeland pottery [DA] Decorative Arts – Introduction (various items) Delft pottery [DA] Derby Porcelain [DA] Meissen Porcelain [DA] Unknown ceramic artists [DA]  Frederick Gonnerman Dalgety migrated from Canada in

Leighton, Frederick (1830-96; English)

Work by Leighton included in this catalogue Leighton Study for Elijah {1897} NGV [DR] Ceramics bought on Leighton’s advice in 1885: see note below. The artist, described by Christopher Wood as “the Hercules of Victorian classicism,” was knighted in 1878, and was then made a peer shortly before he died. The drawing listed above was

Thompson, Edward Maunde (1840-1929; English)

Pre-Felton material donated by Thompson: Frith Syria & Palestine {1860} SLV [PH] Frith Ancient Egypt {c.1870} SLV [PH] Frith Modern Egypt {c.1870} SLV [PH] Thompson is recorded as having donated these collections of Frith’s photographs of the Middle East to the Melbourne Public Library during its opening decades, apparently in response to specific requests from Melbourne’s Trustees. Later known as a

Lonsdale, William (1799-1864; English)

Pre-Felton works probably donated by Lonsdale * Noble [after] Queen Victoria {1863} Loc? [SC] * Unknown (British, 19C) Innocence {c.1860} Loc? [SC] Lonsdale superintended the earliest development of Port Phillip from 1836-39 (prior to the arrival of La Trobe). Since he was never formally appointed governor,  his portrait did not appear in the “Oval portrait” series. 

Perry, Charles (1807-91; English)

Portraits of Perry listed in this catalogue: Weigall Dr Charles Perry 1875 {1876} SLV [PA] Summers (Charles) Rev.Charles Perry {1876} SLV [SC] The Right Reverend Charles Perry, D.D., was a significant contributor to the development of early Melbourne. As archbishop of the new diocese (1848-75), he obtained authority to establish the Anglican Church in Australia as a self-governing

Bromby, John Edward (1809-89; English)

Pre-Felton works bequeathed by Bromby: * Koekkoek Unlading Fishing Smacks {1889} Loc? [PA] * Raphael [attrib.] Head of St John {1889} Loc? [PA] Unknown (17C Italian?) after Reni Repentance of St Peter {1889} NGV [PA] After an earlier career as both clergyman and teacher, Bromby migrated to Melbourne in 1857 to become the first headmaster of

Goold, James Alipius (1812-86; Irish/Australian)

Works donated to the pre-Felton collection by Goold * Unknown (19C Italian?) Italian Boy and Cat {1867} Loc? [PA] * Unknown (19C Italian?) Martyrdom of St Sebastian {1867} Loc? [PA] Goold was the first Roman Catholic Bishop of Melbourne (1848-74) and then Archbishop of Melbourne (1874-86). He was instrumental in the commencement of building work on

La Trobe, Charles Joseph (1801-75; English)

Pre-Felton work donated by La Trobe Lowry after Liardet View of Melbourne 1845 {1859} SLV [PR] Pre-Felton portraits of La Trobe Woolner La Trobe [plaster medallion] 1853 {by 1880} SLV [SC] Woolner La Trobe [smaller bronze medallion] (1853) {1889} NGV [SC] Woolner La Trobe [larger bronze medallion] 1853 {1888} SLV [SC] See also “Oval portrait” series, no.1, by

Gilbee, William (1825-85; Scottish/Australian)

Pre-Felton works donated by Dr Gilbee or funded through his bequest * Unknown (British?) A highland still {1885} Loc? [PA] Fox Landing of Captain Cook 1902 {1902} NGV [PA] Gilbee, who practiced medicine in Scotland before emigrating in the early 1850s, became a prominent Melbourne surgeon, and an Australian pioneer of the new principles of

Thomson, Alfred Taddy (1815-95; English)

Pre-Felton works bought or commissioned on his advice Alma-Tadema The Vintage Festival 1871 {1888} NGV [PA] Creswick & Ansdell England 1850 {1878} NGV [PA] Dyck [van] (after) Mystic Marriage of St Catherine {1869} NGV [PA] Goodall (F.) Rachel going to the Well 1867 {1867} NGV [PA] Graham Autumnal Showers 1869 {1869} NGV [PA] * Hodgson Arab Prisoners 1870 {1871} Loc?

Clarke, Sir William (1831-97; Australian)

Pre-Felton works donated by Clarke Dowling after Partridge Lord Melbourne 1884 {1884} NGV [PA] Summers (Charles) Rev.Charles Perry {1876} SLV [SC] * Summers (Charles) Queen Victoria {1878} Melb.Showgrounds [SC] * Summers (Charles) Albert, Prince Consort {1878} Melb.Showgrounds [SC] * Summers (Charles) The Prince of Wales {1878} Loc? [SC] * Summers (Charles) The Princess of Wales {1878} Alexandra

Eastlake, Charles (Sir) (1793-1865; English)

Pre-Felton works bought on Eastlake’s advice Bedford (J.) La Belle Yseult 1863 {1864} NGV [PA] Cope The Pilgrim Fathers 1856 {1864} NGV [PA] Folingsby (G.) Bunyan in Prison 1864 {1864} NGV [PA] Herdman The Fern Gatherer 1864 {1864} NGV [PA] Herring Horses and Pigs {1864} NGV [PA] Koller Parting from Betrothed 1864 {1864} NGV [PA] Mogford Watergate Bay

Lindsay, Daryl (Sir) (1889-1976; Australian)

[photo: Eric Thake (1904-82): Gallery Director or “This way to Phar Lap” 1954 (NGV 1422-5)] A member of a talented and influential Victorian family, Daryl Lindsay was the younger brother of artists Lionel Lindsay (1874-1961) and Norman Lindsay (1879-1969). Following a short period as Keeper of Prints at the NGV (1939-41), he was appointed NGV

Felton, Alfred (1831-1904; English/Australian)

Clive Murray-White: Alfred Felton Centenary Sculpture 2004 (NGV [Felton Bequest 2004])   Works included in this catalogue (donated or bequeathed to the Melbourne collection by Felton): Adams (J.) Trespassers 1878 {1904} NGV [PA] Beavis The Charcoal Burners {1904} NGV [PA] * Bonington Low Tide at Boulogne {1904} Loc? [PA] Bunny Sea Idyll {1892} NGV [PA] Buvelot

A’Beckett, William Arthur Callander (1833-1901; English/Australian)

Pre-Felton works donated by A’Beckett Richardson (J.) [after] Sir Richard Steele {1889} NGV [PA] Unknown (Burtt?) Sir Charles Darling {1890} SLV [PA]  A barrister and member of parliament, he was the eldest son of Sir William A’Beckett (1806-69), Victoria’s first Chief Justice (1852-57) and an early supporter of the Melbourne Public Library. Besides the two paintings listed above, W.A.C.A’Beckett

Hall, Bernard (1859-1935; English/Australian)

Pre-Felton works documented as purchased on Hall’s advice * Barnard [Drawing – subject unknown] {1903} Loc? [DR] * Boyd (A.) Waiting for the tide 1895 {1895} Loc? [PA] Davies (D.) Moonrise, Templestowe 1894 {1895} NGV [PA] Du Maurier Speeches to be lived down 1889 {1892} NGV [DR] Du Maurier A Connoisseur 1891 {1892} NGV [DR] Duveneck

Herkomer, Hubert von (1849-1914; German/English)

Work by Herkomer in the pre-Felton collection Herkomer Queen Victoria {1892} NGV [PA] Engravings and etchings acquired on Herkomer’s advice, 1891-92:  Dürer Knight, Death and the Devil 1513 {1891} NGV [PR] Dürer Melencolia I 1514 {1891} NGV [PR] Dürer St Jerome in his Study 1514 {1891} NGV [PR] Dyck [van] 3 etchings from the Iconography {1891} NGV [ET] Flameng Charles

Victoria [Queen] (1819-1901; German/English)

Works by/donated by Queen Victoria included in this catalogue Albert [Prince] after Victoria [Queen] Islay 1840 {1893} NGV [ET] Albert [Prince] Head of a Dachshund 1840 {1893} NGV [ET] Albert [Prince] after Cranach Frederick III 1840 {1893} NGV [ET] Albert [Prince] after Voordecker Pigeons 1841 {1893} NGV [ET] Albert [Prince] after Carracci (Annibale) (?) Eagles 1841 {1893}