Pre-Felton works donated by A’Beckett
Richardson (J.) [after] Sir Richard Steele {1889} NGV [PA]
Unknown (Burtt?) Sir Charles Darling {1890} SLV [PA] 

A barrister and member of parliament, he was the eldest son of Sir William A’Beckett (1806-69), Victoria’s first Chief Justice (1852-57) and an early supporter of the Melbourne Public Library.

Besides the two paintings listed above, W.A.C.A’Beckett also donated a plaster bust of his father to the pre-Felton collection in 1880: see Casts – II. Busts & heads (II.1).

He was the father of Emma Minnie Boyd (see Boyd (E.) To the Workhouse 1891 {1893} NGV [PA]), and the brother of painter Edward  A’Beckett. His grandfather, also named William, appears to have been the original owner of the two John Varley watercolours purchased for the NGV in 1902: see now Varley Dolgelly near Barmouth 1818 {1902} NGV [WT].


For W.A.C.A’Beckett, see (biography by Kathleen Thomson, first ADB vol.3, 1969), and

For his father Sir William A’Beckett, see (biography by E.G.Coppell, first publ. in ADB vol.3, 1969). For a list of books donated by him to the Melbourne Public Library in its early years, see MPL catalogue 1861, p.xxiii (available online via SLV catalogue)