Works included in this catalogue
* Benzoni Four Seasons {1864} Loc? [SC]
* Benzoni Euterpe {1885} Loc? [SC]

Benzoni ran a successful studio in Rome, producing neoclassical works for both Italian and international purchasers. Besides the marble sculptures listed above, the pre-Felton Melbourne collection also included a plaster cast of his Diana: see Casts – I. Statues etc. (I.42).

Examples of his work are extant in the Ballarat Botanical Gardens, and various international collections, and still appear regularly on the international auction market, fetching relatively high prices.


For Benzoni, see AKL 9 (1994), pp.202-3; Bénézit 2, pp.192-93 (listing the works above as still in Melbourne); and (both with further details and references; accessed 25/9/18). There are also various other internet references, notably (with further details and reproductions)