Dolivar, Juan (1641-92; Spanish/French)
3 engravings from Les Grandes Conquêtes du Roi (c.1686-87)
Etching and engraving, various sizes
Gift of George Collins Levey 1879
National Gallery of Victoria (p.183.151-1 to 153-1)

Levey gift, cat.140, 163 & 171

[reproduction: Le passage du Rhin (p.183.152-1)]

These engravings, depicting military engagements during the Franco-Dutch War (1672-78), form part of the series of 40 royal triumphs supervised by Le Clerc in the 1680s: see now Levey gift, cat.134-73.

Dolivar worked in France from the 1670s. His prints, in their published sequence, are:

Le passage du Rhin [p.183.152-1] Levey gift, cat.140
Valenciennes [p.183.153-1] Levey gift, cat.163
Sortie de la Garnison de Gand [p.183.157-1] Levey gift, cat.171


Not listed in NGV 1894 or 1905 

The NGV catalogue lists all 3 prints and reproduces Le passage du Rhin, as shown here

For the artist, see Bénézit 4, p.1010, and AKL 28 (2001), p.335 (entry by Maxime Préaud), both listing his dates as shown above (however other references suggest that he died in 1710)