Works included in this catalogue
Gigli The Colosseum {1883} NGV [WT]
* Gigli Goldsmith’s Arch {1883} Loc? [WT]
* Gigli Temple of Minerva {1883} Loc? [WT]
* Gigli Temple of Vesta {1883} Loc? [WT]

The NGV’s annual report for 1883 lists 4 watercolours of Rome by an artist named Gigli, purchased in Melbourne for 15 guineas each.

The NGV’s online catalogue attributes the one example still remaining in the collection to Giovanni Battista Gigli (1713-50).

However, it seems inherently more likely that all 4 watercolours were the work of Guardabassi’s contemporary Roberto Gigli, known specifically for his picturesque views of Rome, produced for tourists visiting from England and elsewhere. Stylistically, Gigli The Colosseum {1883} NGV [WT] corresponds closely with other known examples by Roberto Gigli.

All four works acquired in 1883 were bought together with watercolours by Guardabassi (1841-93)


Roberto Gigli is not listed in either Bénézit or AKL; but for other examples of his work, see (accessed 19/5/2016), giving his dates as shown above.

For G.B.Gigli, see Bénézit 6, p.158 and AKL 53 (2007), p.468