Works included in this catalogue
 * Loureiro “Baron” 1895 {1895} Loc? [PA]
Loureiro Vision of St Stanislaus 1899 {1901) NGV [PA]

After studying and painting in Lisbon and Paris, where he associated with Bastien-Lepage and others, Loureiro came to Australia, for his health, in 1884. He brought with him at least one of his French canvases painted in the Barbizon school tradition (The Forest at Fontainebleu 1882; Ewing Collection, University of Melbourne).

In 1885, he joined Tom Roberts and others in the breakaway Australian Art Association, and subsequently became a significant figure in late 19th-century painting in Melbourne, producing “impressionist” landscapes and allegorical compositions. Further examples were acquired for the NGV after 1904.

In 1901, he returned to his native city of Porto, where he continued to paint until well into his seventies.


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