Works included in this catalogue
Haghe after Roberts The Holy Land, Syria, Idumea, Arabia, Egypt & Nubia {by 1860} SLV [PR]
Roberts St Anne, Bruges 1851 {1894} NGV [PA]
Roberts Heidelberg Castle {1904} NGV [WT]

Roberts, known in his day as “the Scottish Canaletto,” is known mainly for works based on his travels in Europe and the Middle East. The 6-volume set of coloured lithographs by Haghe after Roberts’ views of Palestine, Egypt etc., comprising 250 prints, was an early purchase for the Melbourne Public library.

The NGV owns several other examples, acquired later, and also the 1844 lithographed portrait of him reproduced here (for details of
the printmaker, see * Baugniet Leopold Prémier, roi des Belges {by 1894} Loc? [PR]).

[photo: Baugniet: David Roberts 1844 (Felton Bequest 1926) NGV]


For Roberts, see Bénézit 11, pp.1163-65; AKL 99 (2018), p.110; Wood Victorian Painters (1995), vol.I, pp.440-41 (noting the “Scottish Canaletto” tag; with further references); and Mallalieu (1976), p.221

For Baugniet’s lithograph of David Roberts, see