Baugniet, Charles-Louis (1814-86; Belgian)
Léopold Prémier, roi des Belges 1841
Lithograph, c.48.8 x 38.0 cm (sheet)
Acquired by 1894
Unidentified; present location unknown

Other impressions of the present print (no longer extant in Melbourne) are held elsewhere: see e.g. the British Royal Collection example reproduced below.

Léopold I, of German origin, reigned as the first King of Belgium from 1831-65, after the country achieved independence from the Dutch in 1830. In 1832, he married Louise d’Orléans: see * Billoin Louise d’Orléans {by 1894} Loc? [PR].

Léopold acted as an intermediary between other European powers, and broked the marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert (and is also said to have promoted Albert as the effective King of England). He was succeeded by his highly unpleasant son (ruled 1865-1909): see now * Unknown after Ghémar Frères Léopold II & Marie-Henriette of Belgium {by 1894} Loc? [PR].

Baugniet was appointed Belgian court painter in 1841, but later transferred to London, where he became a successful portraitist, painting Prince Albert (in 1851), amongst many others. After 1860, he worked in Paris. The NGV holds another lithograph by Baugniet, his portrait of David Roberts (acquired through the Felton Bequest in 1926).

For another print of Leopold I, see * Warnots (?) after Ghémar & Severin Léopold I, roi des Belges 1856 {by 1894} Loc? [PR].

[photo: impression in British Royal Collection (RCIN-612101)]


NGV 1894, p.103 (V.Buvelot Gallery, 1st bay, no.70) 

For the impression reproduced here, see (noting size and date and shown above). For the sitter, see e.g.; for his supposed role in grooming Albert as an alternative monarch to Victoria, see e.g. (accessed 2 June 2020)   

For Baugniet, see AKL 7 (1993), p.568; and Bénézit 1, p.1350