Russell, Robert (1808-1900; English/Australian), attributed to
Melbourne from the Old Falls 1837
Purchased, 1891
Unidentified; present location unknown

This print is attributed to Russell in NGV 1894, but NGV 1905 lists it as anonymous.

the SLV holds several of his watercolours and pencil drawings of the rocky falls on the river Yarra, where he had a cottage (see e.g. SLV H38131/2, a pencil sketch dated 1881, but inscribed as “from sketch 1837”: see comparative reproduction below). The falls were removed when Queen’s Bridge was built over the Yarra in the early 1880s.

See also Russell Melbourne from the Falls 1837 {1903} SLV [WT], and Montefiore Melbourne from the Falls 1837 {1866} SLV [ET], apparently also based on an earlier drawing by Russell.

Other drawings

[comparative photo: Russell’s drawing of his cottage at the Falls, 1837/1881 (SLV H38131/2)]


NGV 1894, p.117 (V.Buvelot Gallery, 3rd bay, no.68); NGV 1905, p.126 (V.Buvelot Gallery, 3rd bay, no.2) [£2/2] 

See SLV catalogue for details regarding Russell’s other images; the sketch reproduced here is from the Currie collection of his drawings

 See also NGV catalogue for other works by Russell