Wilson, Richard (1713/14-82; Welsh), manner of
Landscape with Italian buildings and a shepherd (late 18thcentury)
Oil on paper on wood panel, 39.3 x 29.8 cm
Bequest of Alfred Felton, 1904
National Gallery of Victoria (144-2)

Felton’s personal collection was essentially assembled locally, leading to some inevitable limitations, apparent here – although conservation would help clarify the character and quality of this work. Acquired and first catalogued as by Wilson (NGV 1905), it was demoted in successive NGV catalogues to “attributed to” (1918), “school of” (1948), and finally “manner of” Wilson (Hoff).

Wilson worked in Italy in the 1750s, and was a foundation member of the RA (1768). The NGV later acquired two significant autograph works by him: a portrait of Captain Michael Everitt, R.N. (c.1747-8; Studley Miller Bequest, 1960), and Lyn Peris and Dolbadern Castle (c.1762-4; Felton Bequest, 1948).


AR 1904, p.26; NGV 1905, p.93 (III.McArthur Gallery, no.43: as by Wilson) 

For this painting, see Hoff (1995), p.322, with references to previous NGV catalogues, and also (pp.318-20) providing biographical details and information on the other paintings mentioned (see also the NGV’s online catalogue). For Wilson, see also Bénézit 14, pp.959-60