Helleu Study of a Young Girl {1899} NGV [ET]

Helleu, Paul-César (1859-1927; French) Study of a Young Girl Drypoint on paper Purchased, 1899 (advice of Bernard Hall) National Gallery of Victoria (53-2) Helleu, known for his glamorous Belle Epoque portraits, counted Whistler, Proust and Coco Chanel among his many friends. This print is signed at lower left. Several other examples by the artist were acquired later

Herkomer, Hubert von (1849-1914; German/English)

Work by Herkomer in the pre-Felton collection Herkomer Queen Victoria {1892} NGV [PA] Engravings and etchings acquired on Herkomer’s advice, 1891-92:  Dürer Knight, Death and the Devil 1513 {1891} NGV [PR] Dürer Melencolia I 1514 {1891} NGV [PR] Dürer St Jerome in his Study 1514 {1891} NGV [PR] Dyck [van] 3 etchings from the Iconography {1891} NGV [ET] Flameng Charles