Titian (1487/90-1576; Italian)

Pre-Felton works after Titian Longstaff after Titian Entombment of Christ {1889} NGV [PA] Masson after Titian Christ at Emmaus {1879} NGV [PR] Rousselet after Titian Entombment of Christ {1879} NGV [PR] Despite Titian’s status as the arch-colourist of the Renaissance era (by contrast with the linear clarity or disegno seen since Vasari as the hallmark of many of

Felton, Alfred (1831-1904; English/Australian)

Clive Murray-White: Alfred Felton Centenary Sculpture 2004 (NGV [Felton Bequest 2004])   Works included in this catalogue (donated or bequeathed to the Melbourne collection by Felton): Adams (J.) Trespassers 1878 {1904} NGV [PA] Beavis The Charcoal Burners {1904} NGV [PA] * Bonington Low Tide at Boulogne {1904} Loc? [PA] Bunny Sea Idyll {1892} NGV [PA] Buvelot