Russell Melbourne from the Falls 1837 {1903} SLV [WT]

Russell, Robert (1808-1900; English/Australian) Melbourne from the Falls, Jun 30 1837 Watercolour, 41 x 52 cm (sheet) Purchased, 1903 State Library of Victoria (H26102) One of several images of/from Russell’s cottage on the old Yarra Falls, this work has yet to be viewed. See also Montefiore Melbourne from the Falls 1837 {1866} SLV [ET] and * Russell [attrib.] Melbourne

Russell, Robert (1808-1900; English/Australian)

Works by or after Russell included in this catalogue: Montefiore Melbourne from the Falls 1837 {by 1870} SLV [ET] Russell Melbourne from the Falls 1837 {by 1870} SLV [DR] * Russell [attrib.] Melbourne from the Old Falls 1837 {1891} Loc? [PR] Russell Melbourne from the Falls 1837 {1903} SLV [WT] [photo: Alice Panton: portrait of Russell in 1899 (SLV)] Russell, appointed