Russell Melbourne from the Falls 1837 {1903} SLV [WT]

Russell, Robert (1808-1900; English/Australian) Melbourne from the Falls, Jun 30 1837 Watercolour, 41 x 52 cm (sheet) Purchased, 1903 State Library of Victoria (H26102) One of several images of/from Russell’s cottage on the old Yarra Falls, this work has yet to be viewed. See also Montefiore Melbourne from the Falls 1837 {1866} SLV [ET] and * Russell [attrib.] Melbourne

* Unknown “Portfolio of 123 Wildflower drawings” {1872} Loc? [WT]

Unknown artist “Portfolio of 123 Wildflower drawings” Watercolours (?), details unknown Acquired 1872 Unidentified; present location unknown All that can be said with certainty about these works is that they appear in the NGV’s unpublished list of early acquisitions (under 1872) immediately after the 4 watercolours of Tasmanian wildflowers by “Miss Blythe,” here attributed to

* Unknown View near Corinth {1868?} Loc? [WT]

Unknown artist View near Corinth Watercolour, c.20 x 33 cm Presented by James Ledger, Esq. Unidentified; present location unknown Listed under watercolours in NGV 1894, this was presumably one of two works documented by the NGV as acquired in 1868 (as “Sketch of Corinth” and “Drawing of Corinth”, artist un-named); but without further information it

Weedon Changing pasture 1891 {1892} NGV [WT]

Weedon, Augustus Walford (1838-1908; English) Changing pasture 1891 Watercolour over pencil with some scratching out and sponging out, 56.3 x 91.9 cm (sheet) Purchased, 1892 National Gallery of Victoria (p.432.5-1) Bought from the British Art Gallery, June 1892, after having been shown in the Anglo-Australian Exhibition, Melbourne. Refs. AR 1892, p.23; SB p.432; NGV 1894, p.45

* Weedon Glen Falloch 1882 {1883} Loc? [WT]

Weedon, Augustus Walford (1838-1908; English) Glen Falloch 1882 Watercolour, c.43.18 x 73.66 cm Purchased, 1883 Present location unknown This work was purchased in Melbourne, according to NGV 1905, where it was illustrated, as shown here. Refs. AR 1883, p.33; NGV 1894, p.49 (II.Stawell Gallery, no.30; size given as 17 x 29 inches); NGV 1905, p.42 (II.Stawell

* Watson Cottage scenery {1871} Loc? [WT]

Watson, Thomas J. (1847-1912; English) Cottage scenery Watercolour, c. 22.86 x 33.02 cm (9” x 13”) Purchased, 1871 (advice of John Ruskin) Unidentified; present location unknown Like several other works recorded as bought on Ruskin’s advice in c.1871, this drawing no longer appears to be in the NGV collection. Reproductions of other examples by this

Varley Moel Heboeg {1902} NGV [WT]

Varley, John (1778-1842; English) Moel Heboeg, near Snowden, North Wales (c.1818) Watercolour and pencil, 27.4 x 40 cm (sheet) Purchased, 1902 (advice of Bernard Hall) National Gallery of Victoria (115-2) For further details, provenance etc., see Varley Dolgelly near Barmouth 1818 {1902} NGV [WT]. Refs. AR 1902, p.18; NGV 1905, p.48 (II.Stawell Gallery, no.43; ill) [£7/7] 

Stanfield Countrymen at Dinner {1877} NGV [WT]

Stanfield, Clarkson (1793-1867; English) Countrymen at Dinner Pencil and watercolour on paper, 35.5 x 34.0 cm Purchased, 1877 National Gallery of Victoria (p.167.32-1) This lively illustration has a Dickensian flavour. Refs. AR 1877, p.75; NGV 1894, p.43 (II.Stawell Gallery, no.1); NGV 1905, p. 37 (II.Stawell Gallery, no.2) [£3/5]  For Stanfield as a watercolourist, see Mallalieu

Smythe The Breadwinners 1890 {1891} NGV [WT]

Smythe, Lionel (1839-1918; English) The Breadwinners 1890 Watercolour on paper, 63.5 x 48.2 cm  Purchased, 1891 (advice of Hubert von Herkomer) National Gallery of Victoria (p.430.54-1) [photo: as reproduced in NGV 1905]  The 1894 catalogue quotes Herkomer’s praise of the artist’s sensitive handling of this subject, indicating that the work was shown at the Royal

* Smith (C.) Christmas Eve 1901 {1901} Loc? [WT]

Smith, Carlton Alfred (1853-1946; English) Christmas Eve 1901 Watercolour on paper, 74 x 122 cm Purchased, 1901 (selected by the Royal Academy); de-accessioned and sold by auction, 1950; last auctioned 2008 Present location unknown [photo: as reproduced by Sotheby’s, March 2008] This large work was the most expensive of the 10 contemporary British watercolours bought in 1901. It

Simoni The Marble Mosque 1879 {1904} NGV [WT]

Simoni, Gustavo (1846-1926; Italian) The Marble Mosque 1879 Watercolour, 56.0 x 38.8 cm (sheet) Bequest of Alfred Felton, 1904 National Gallery of Victoria (156-2) As Gerard Vaughan observes, this exotic view, clearly reflecting 19th-century Orientalist tastes, was rather less conventional than many of the other works in Felton’s collection. The inscription, “G.Simoni.Tiemcen.79,” identifies the Algerian city

* Severn Boscastle Harbour {1885} Loc? [WT]

Severn, Walter (1830-1904; English) Boscastle Harbour Watercolour, c.55.88 x 129.54 cm Presented by the artist, 1885 Unidentified; present location unknown The artist, known for his topographical watercolours, was the son of Joseph Severn (1793-1879), a portrait painter who was also a friend of the poet Keats. Another large watercolour by Severn is in the AGNSW (donated

Rowan Flower painting {1890} Loc? [WT]

Rowan, Ellis (1848-1922; Australian) Flower painting Watercolour, c.76.2 x 54.4 cm (sheet) Purchased, 1890 Unidentified; present location unknown This is the second work by Rowan listed with this title in NGV 1894 and 1905, although only one is extant in the NGV collection (see Rowan Flower painting: Pandorea jasminoides… {1890} NGV [WT]). This example has

Roberts Heidelberg Castle {1904} NGV [WT]

Roberts, David (1796-1864; Scottish) Heidelberg Castle (c.1830) Watercolour over pencil with gouache, gum Arabic and sponging out, 43.6 x 32.3 cm (sheet) Bequest of Alfred Felton, 1904 National Gallery of Victoria (154-2) This work – one of the more significant examples selected from Felton’s personal collection after his death – joined Roberts St Anne, Bruges 1851

Richardson (T.) Corrie Echen 1880 {1880} NGV [WT]

Richardson, Thomas Miles, Junior (1813-90; English) Corrie Echen, Highlands of Scotland 1880 Watercolour, 77.5 x 67.3 cm (sheet) Purchased, 1880 (advice of Alfred Thomson) National Gallery of Victoria (p.168.2-1) The artist was born in Newcastle but settled in London in 1846, and regularly exhibited his work with the Water Colour Society. In Mallalieu’s opinion, “he

Rainey The Market Boat {1901} NGV [WT]

Rainey, William (1852-1936; English) The Market Boat Watercolour on paper Purchased, 1901 (selected by the Royal Academy) National Gallery of Victoria (107-2) The artist worked mainly as an illustrator of children’s books and magazines. Refs. AR 1901, p.23; NGV 1905, p.78 (II.Stawell Gallery, no.169; size given as 12 x 9 inches) [£20]  For details on

Pugin Oxford {1877} NGV [WT]

Pugin, Augustus Welby (1812-52; English) Oxford Watercolour and pencil, with touches of body colour, on paper, 20.2 x 26.6 cm (sheet) Purchased, 1877 (advice of Archibald Michie) National Gallery of Victoria (p.167.30-1) This picturesque view, now unfortunately somewhat yellowed, reflects the taste of the artist, best known as a Gothic Revival architect and polemicist. His

* Provaggi The Nephew {1876} Loc? [WT]

Provaggi, Cesare (c.1800-80; Italian) The Nephew Watercolour, c.17.8 x 27.9 cm Purchased, 1876 (advice of Archibald Michie) Unidentified; present location unknown See * Provaggi The Minstrel {1876} Loc? [WT]. A note in the NGV’s stock-book indicates that this work was lent to the Beechworth Library and Museum in 1910; no return date is recorded. Refs. AR

* Provaggi The Minstrel {1876} Loc? [WT]

Provaggi, Cesare (c.1800-80; Italian) The Minstrel Watercolour, c.25.4 x 35.6 cm Purchased, 1876 (advice of Archibald Michie) Unidentified; present location unknown According to the 1905 NGV catalogue, this work and * Provaggi The Nephew {1876} Loc? [WT] were both bought in London by Michie, Victorian Agent-General. Views of Rome by Campi, also produced for the tourist market, were

Pedder The Lame Foot {1901} NGV [WT]

Pedder, John (1850-1929; British) The Lame Foot Watercolour on paper, 35 x 52 cm (sight) Purchased, 1901 National Gallery of Victoria (101-2) This rustic work was one of several watercolours bought on the recommendation of the Royal Academy. The artist, apparently a landscape specialist, was elected a member of the Royal Institute of Painters in