Dicksee, Frank (1853-1928; English)

Works included in this catalogue: Dicksee The Crisis 1891 {1891} NGV [PA] * Dicksee Unidentified drawing {c.1896?} Loc? [DR] Dicksee, who became a member of the Royal Academy in 1891, pursued a successful career as a painter of historical subjects and dressy society portraits. Late in life, he was elected President of the RA (1924) and

* Dicksee Unidentified drawing {c.1896?} Loc? [DR]

Dicksee, Frank (1853-1928; English) Unidentified drawing Purchased c.1896 (advice of Joseph Pennell); de-accessioned 1905 Location unknown This drawing is mentioned by Sonia Dean, in her 1986 survey of the development of the NGV’s drawing collection, as one of those recommended by Pennell in the 1890s. Dean observes however that an entry in the NGV stockbook