Dalgety, F.G. (1817-94; Australian)

Pre-Felton acquisitions made with funds donated by Dalgety in 1862 are noted in the following entries: Ancient art (a preliminary account) Asian art (a preliminary account) Copeland pottery [DA] Decorative Arts – Introduction (various items) Delft pottery [DA] Derby Porcelain [DA] Meissen Porcelain [DA] Unknown ceramic artists [DA]  Frederick Gonnerman Dalgety migrated from Canada in

Unknown Venetian glassmakers [DA]

Pre-Felton acquisitions included: Some 100 pieces of Murano glass, dating from the 16th to 19th centuries. Purchased 1871. Most of them still in the NGV (4-D1R etc.: refer catalogue)   [photo: Basket, mid-late 16th century. Purchased 1871 (NGV 33-D1R)] Almost all the Italian glass acquired for Melbourne in the pre-Felton period was Venetian, the majority