Works included in this catalogue
A’Beckett (E.) Hamilton Hume {1881} SLV [PA]
A’Beckett (E.) James Macpherson Grant 1886 {1886} SLV [PA]
A’Beckett (E.) Francis Henty {1892} SLV [PA]

A member of a wealthy Anglo-Australian family, A’Beckett was also an amateur painter. He encouraged his niece Emma Minnie Boyd to develop her own artistic career: see now Boyd (E.) To the Workhouse 1891 {1893} NGV [PA].

The State Library of Victoria gives his date of death as 1932, but he appears to have died a decade earlier (death notice in the Melbourne Argus, 27 March 1922).

His brother William A’Beckett also donated several works to the pre-Felton collection.


For the artist, see AKL 1 (1983), p.105 (entry by Bernard Smith), and the SLV’s catalogue entry for the portrait of Henty noted above. For his Argus death notice, see (accessed 20 Dec.2019)