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Ham (T.) Post Office, Melbourne {1868} SLV [PR]
Ham (T.) after Strutt Opening of Prince’s Bridge 1851 {by 1861} SLV [PR] and Ham (T.) after Strutt Opening of Prince’s Bridge 1851 (c.2) {1868} SLV [PR]

Ham, born in Devon, arrived in Melbourne with his Baptist minister father John and family in December 1842, and stayed in the city until 1860, then moving to Brisbane for the last decade of his life. He worked as a printmaker, photographer and cartographer.

For his brother, Cornelius Job Ham, a donor to the pre-Felton collection, see separate entry.


See (biography by Ian McLaren, also covering Ham’s brothers Theophilus and Cornelius; first published in ADB vol.4, 1972); Kerr Dictionary (1992), p.324 and (also by Ian McLaren); and AKL 68 (2011), pp.392-93