Pre-Felton works donated by Ham
Bartolozzi & Byrne after Webber Death of Captain Cook 1785 {1882} SLV [PR]
Cecchini Cape Gris Nez {1882} NGV [PA]
Hodges Party of Maoris in a Canoe 1773 {1882} SLV [DR]
Hodges South Entrance of Dusky Bay 1773 {1882} SLV [DR]
Hodges Mallicolo 1774 {1882} SLV [DR]
* Hodges [attrib.] Native of Otaheite {1882} Loc? [DR]

C.J.Ham was mayor of Melbourne in 1881-82. The historical works he donated to the Melbourne collection in 1882 were apparently purchased from a local descendant of James Cook. The drawings, understood at the time to be by John Webber, are now attributed to William Hodges.

Several prints by his brother Thomas Ham were acquired for the pre-Felton collection in 1868.


See (by Ian McLaren; ADB vol.4, 1972). The SLV picture collection includes an 1892 photographic portrait of C.J.Ham by Johnstone, O’Shannessy & Co. (H2998/30)