Hodges, William (1774-97; English)

[A Man of] Mallicolo [Maleluka] 1774
Red chalk on card, 65 x 47.2 cm
Presented by the Hon.C.J.Ham, 1882
State Library of Victoria (H5274)

One of several drawings donated in 1882 as the work of John Webber, but now assigned correctly to Hodges (see references below).

This example was made in Maleluka (named Mallicolo by Cook), in Vanuatu, formerly the New Hebrides, in July 1774.

“Mallicolo” is inscribed below the image.


AR 1882, p.37; NGV 1894, p.114 (V.Buvelot Gallery, 3rd bay, no.34); NGV 1905, p.132 (V.Buvelot Gallery, 3rdbay, no.41): all as by Webber 

See also Joppien, “Three Drawings by William Hodges,” (1976); and Joppien & Smith (1985), vol.2, p.222, cat.no.2.124 (title as indicated above), describing this drawing as a variant of another held in the Public Archives of Canada, Ottowa (see Joppien & Smith, vol.2, cat.no.2.123)