Works included in this catalogue
Hodges Party of Maoris in a Canoe 1773 {1882} SLV [DR]
Hodges South Entrance of Dusky Bay 1773 {1882} SLV [DR]
Hodges Mallicolo 1774 {1882} SLV [DR]
* Hodges or Webber (?) Native of Otaheite {1882} Loc? [DR]

For Hodges’ contribution as the main artist on Cook’s second voyage of 1772-75, see Bernard Smith’s fundamental analysis in European Vision and the South Pacific (1960).

For the three drawings assigned by Joppien to Hodges, see the comments under the first entry listed above. The fourth, apparently no longer extant, may have been by either Webber or Hodges.


See Smith European Vision (1960/1989), ch.2; Joppien, “Three Drawings by William Hodges” (1976); and Joppien & Smith, Art of Captain Cook’s Voyages (1985), vol.2 (refer index). For Hodges, see also Bénézit 7, p.155 and AKL 73 (2012), pp.468-70