Works included in this catalogue
Bartolozzi & Byrne, after Webber: Death of Captain Cook 1785 {1882} SLV [PR]
* Hodges or Webber (?) Native of Otaheite {1882} Loc? [DR]
See also Hodges, William (1774-97; English)

Webber was the artist member of Cook’s third and last voyage (1776-79). His posthumous oil portrait of Cook (1782) was bought for the National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, in 2000.

Bartolozzi and Byrne’s engraving of Webber’s image of Cook’s death in February 1779 was donated to the pre-Felton collection by C.J.Ham in 1882, together with three drawings previously thought to be by Webber but now identified as made by Hodges during Cook’s second voyage (1772-75).

A fourth drawing also donated at the same time (no longer extant) could be by either Hodges or Webber: refer entry for details.


Bernard Smith, European Vision and the South Pacific [1960], rev.edn., Yale/Oxford UP, 1989, ch.4, pp.108ff., provides an estimation of Webber’s artistic contribution to Cook’s third voyage. See also Bénézit 14, pp.703-4