Works by Koekkoek included in this catalogue
* Koekkoek Land’s End {1888} Loc? [PA]
* Koekkoek Unlading Fishing Smacks {1889} Loc? [PA]

Pre-Felton work donated by Koekkoek
Koepping after Munkácsy Le Mont de Piete {1889} NGV [ET]

The artist, a member of a family of Dutch landscapists, apparently specialized in marine views. His works regularly appear on the European auction market, generally selling for modest prices.

[comparative work by Koekkoek: Fishing boats on a rough sea 1860 (source: Artnet)]

Koekkeok also ran an art gallery and dealership in London during the 1880s and 90s, with a branch in Melbourne. Pre-Felton works acquired for the NGV through this source included:

Bennetter Naval battle 1876 {1884} NGV [PA] (possibly with Koekkoek in 1884)
Brozik The Defenestration {1890} NGV [PA]
Joanowitch The Traitor {1890} NGV [PA]
Portielje The Old Bachelor 1885 {1904} NGV [PA] (with Koekkoek in 1890, later acquired by Alfred Felton)
Webb (J.) Gloucester {1904} NGV [PA] (with Koekkoek in 1889; then purchased by Alfred Felton)


For the Koekkoek family, see AKL 81 (2014), pp.122ff. Bénézit 7, p.1405, includes both Hermannus Kookkoek the Younger (dates as shown here) and Hermannus Kookkoek the Elder (1815-82), listing Land’s End (called “End of the Earth”) under the latter

For reproductions of other works by Koekkoek the Younger, see,-hermanus-18mr1z4gjj/sold-at-auction-prices/; and for the work reproduced above, see (auction details only available to subscribers)