Pre-Felton works after Michelangelo
* Béatrizet after Michelangelo: The Last Judgement {by 1894} Loc? [PR]
Schoenfeld after Michelangelo The Crucifixion 1860 {1868} NGV [PR]
* Unknown after Michelangelo Battle of Pisa {by 1905} Loc? [PR]

Reproductive engravings after Michelangelo’s paintings and sculptures were already circulating well before his death, often providing a valuable record of works later altered or lost.

The pre-Felton collection also included a plaster bust of the artist, and plaster casts after several of his sculptures, one of them donated by Marshall Wood. Further reproductive prints were acquired later for the NGV.


For the pre-Felton plaster casts, see NGV 1894, pp.134 (VII.Cast Gallery, no.4: Holy Family: after the Taddei Tondo in the Royal Academy; cast donated by Marshall Wood); 139 (VII.Cast Gallery, no.67: bust of Michelangelo: original artist not named, possibly after Daniele da Volterra’s bronze in the Accademia, Florence?); 140 (VII.Cast Gallery, no.96: Entry of Cosimo de Medici into Florence, a work no longer attributed to Michelangelo); 142 (VIII.Cast Gallery [Antique Room], no.3: another cast of the Taddei Tondo in the Royal Academy); and 152 (VIII. Cast Gallery [Antique Room], no.105: Giuliano de’Medici, from the Medici Chapel)

For other NGV prints after Michelangelo, see