Works included in this catalogue
North An English Summer’s Day 1891-92 {1892} NGV [PA]
North The Little Copse on the Hill 1891 {1892} NGV [WT]
North The Swallows {1897} NGV [DR]
North A Vesper Hymn {1897} NGV [DR]

A meticulous craftsman, North was one of a group of late 19th century English landscapists and genre painters including Lionel Smythe and Frederik Walker: see now Smythe The Breadwinners 1890 {1891} NGV [WT] and Walker The Right of Way {1891} NGV [PA]. Hubert von Herkomer advised on the purchase of works by all three artists for the pre-Felton Melbourne collection.

The two drawings acquired in 1897 were both made for engravings included in Wayside Posies: Original Poems of the Country Life (1867): see individual entries for further details.


For North, see Bénézit 10, pp.446-47 (listing the NGV’s canvas) and AKL 93 (2017), pp.23-24