Works included in this catalogue
Stanfield The Morning after Trafalgar 1863 {1888} NGV [PA]
Stanfield Countrymen at Dinner {1877} NGV [WT]
Stanfield (after) Coast Scenery 1836 {1861} SLV [IB]

The Morning after Trafalgar is said to show the influence of Turner: see now Turner (J.M.W.) Dunstanborough Castle {1888} NGV [PA], also acquired for Melbourne in 1888. It exemplifies Stanfield’s later marine paintings, which were praised by Ruskin.

Stanfield’s more obviously melodramatic St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall, painted over 30 years earlier, was given to the NGV in 1931. Several engravings of the same site, after drawings by Clarkson, are also included in the 1836 volume acquired for Melbourne in 1861, as listed above.

The artist’s first name is sometimes noted as William (thus in NGV 1894 and 1905), apparently erroneously.


For the artist, see Bénézit 13, pp.211-12 (listing both pre-Felton works); Mallalieu (1976), p.244, noting the incorrect name; Wood Victorian Painters (1995), esp.vol.2, p.92; and (discussing further relevant works). For St Michael’s Mount, see e.g. Hoff (1995), p.272