Works included in this catalogue
Willmore (J.) after Leitch Villa of Lucullus at Misenum 1851 {1868} NGV [PR]
Willmore (J.) after Turner (J.M.W.) Italian Landscape {1868} Loc? [PR]

Willmore worked mainly as a landscape engraver, reproducing paintings by various contemporaries, amongst them Creswick and Ansdell (see Creswick & Ansdell England 1850 {1878} NGV [PA]), Landseer, Samuel Prout, Stanfield, and in particular J.M.W.Turner, for whom he produced a considerable number of engravings between 1828 and 1842. HA was elected an Associate of the Royal Academy in 1843.


For details, see Bénézit 14, p.946; and, with further references