Turner, J.M.W. (1775-1851; English)

Works included in this catalogue Turner (J.M.W.) Dunstanborough Castle {1888} NGV [PA] * Willmore (J.) after Turner (J.M.W.) Italian Landscape {1868} Loc? [PR] Dunstanborough Castle (c.1798), donated to the Melbourne collection by the Duke of Westminster in 1888, improved the quality of the gallery’s holdings of British and European landscape painting at a single blow, giving local

Landseer, Edwin (1802-73; English)

Pre-Felton works after Landseer Albert [Prince] after Landseer (?) Two Peasant Women 1842 {1893} NGV [ET] Ryall after Landseer Deer stalkers returning {1868} NGV [PR] Known later principally as an expert animal painter, Landseer was the young Queen Victoria’s favourite artist. He taught both Victoria and Albert etching, and portrayed the royal couple on several occasions. His Windsor

La Trobe, Charles Joseph (1801-75; English)

Pre-Felton work donated by La Trobe Lowry after Liardet View of Melbourne 1845 {1859} SLV [PR] Pre-Felton portraits of La Trobe Woolner La Trobe [plaster medallion] 1853 {by 1880} SLV [SC] Woolner La Trobe [smaller bronze medallion] (1853) {1889} NGV [SC] Woolner La Trobe [larger bronze medallion] 1853 {1888} SLV [SC] See also “Oval portrait” series, no.1, by