McLean, Melhuish, Napper & Co. (c.1859-61; English)

Photographs included in the following entries: Fenton & others Palaces, Castles & Seats in England {1860} SLV [PH] Fenton, Bedford & others Cathedrals and Abbeys in England and Scotland {1860} SLV [PH] Arthur Melhuish (1829-95) appears to have been the major figure in the partnership he formed in London with Thomas McLean and Robert Napper, which ran from 1859 until

Caire, Nicholas (1837-1918; English/Australian)

Photographs by Caire are noted under the following entries: Cole (T.) Duncan Gillies 1891 {1891} SLV [PA] Gilbert & Ball Redmond Barry 1887 {1887} SLV [SC] Rubens (after) The Garden of Love {1904} NGV [PA] Caire, born in Guernsey, had already developed an interest in photography by the time he arrived in Australia with his parents in about 1860.

Cocke, Archibald Lewis (1824-96; English)

Photographs included in the following entries: Fenton, Bedford & others England and Wales {1860} SLV [PH] Fenton, Bedford & others Cathedral and Abbeys {1860} SLV [PH] Cocke was a pioneer of photography in Britain, producing daguerrotypes from 1847, and submitting prints to the “Exhibition of Recent Specimens of Photography” in London (December 1852-January 1853), said

Cade, Robert (1820-79; English)

Photographs by Cade are listed in the following entries: Fenton, Bedford & others England and Wales {1860} SLV [PH] Fenton, Bedford & others Cathedrals and Abbeys {1860} SLV [PH] Little appears to be known about this photographer, several of whose architectural plates are included in the albums listed above. Refs. For some information on Cade,

Brogi, Giacomo (1822-81; Italian)

Photos listed in this catalogue under: Brogi Ricordi di Napoli {c.1880?} SLV [PH] Skeen & others Pompei {sic} and Paris {c.1888} SLV [PH] Brogi worked as a photographer in his native Florence from c.1864, also making photographic trips to the Middle East etc. There were also offices in Rome and Naples. After his death, the business was

Brogi Ricordi di Napoli {c.1880?} SLV [PH]

Brogi, Giacomo (1822-81; Italian) Ricordi di Napoli Album of 12 photographs Acquired c.1880? State Library of Victoria (H98.176/1-12) [reproduction: Napoli: Veduta del Porto (H98.176/8)] It is unclear whether this album was acquired in the pre-Felton era or not. It comprises a selection of conventional views of Naples and environs from Brogi’s catalogue, apparently dating from about 1880 (published

Cunego & others after Raphael: Engravings after Paintings in the Loggie {by 1861?} SLV [PR]

Cunego, Domenico (1727-1803; Italian), & others, after Raphael (1483-1520; Italian) Engravings after Paintings in the Loggie of the Vatican: Raphael and his Pupils Album comprising 52 folios Acquired by 1861 (?) State Library of Victoria (H2015.139/1-52) [reproduction: The Last Supper (H2015.13/52)] This intact album, previously in the main SLV collection, and transferred to the library’s Pictures