* Meunier after Madou L’Arquebusier {1868?} Loc? [PR]

Meunier, Jean Baptiste (1821-1900; Belgian), after Madou, Jean Baptiste (1796-1877; Belgian) L’Arquebusier Engraving, c.46.8 x 39.7 cm Presented by the Belgian government, c.1868 Present location unknown Madou worked as a genre painter and print-maker. Meunier was a noted Belgian etcher; he also taught his brother Constantin (1831-1905), a sculptor and realist painter, and his son

Cunego & others after Raphael: Engravings after Paintings in the Loggie {1870s?} SLV [PR]

Cunego, Domenico (1727-1803; Italian), & others, after Raphael (1483-1520; Italian) Engravings after Paintings in the Loggie of the Vatican: Raphael and his Pupils Album comprising 52 folios Acquired in the 1870s? State Library of Victoria (H2015.139/1-52) [reproduction: The Last Supper (H2015.13/52)] This intact album, previously in the main SLV collection, and transferred to the library’s Pictures

Haghe after Roberts The Holy Land, Syria, Idumea, Arabia, Egypt & Nubia (1842-49) {by 1860} SLV [PR]

Haghe, Louis (1806-85; Belgian/English), after Roberts, David (1796-1864; Scottish) The Holy Land, Syria, Idumea, Arabia, Egypt & Nubia (1842-49) 250 coloured lithographs in 6 volumes Purchased by 1860 State Library of Victoria (Rare Books collection)  [photo: Church of the Annunciation, Nazareth (Vol.1, pl.31)] This substantial collection, published in two 3-volume sets, with accompanying explanatory texts, was acquired

Unknown A Lancashire witch {1868} NGV [PR]

Unknown artist (19th century?) A Lancashire witch Mezzotint Donated by J.Grundy 1868 National Gallery of Victoria (p.178.9-1) This print is described in the NGV’s unpublished list of pre-1905 acquisitions as “after Gary Bradley” (an artist who has not been traced). The title may allude to the infamous trials of the Pendle witches in 1612, which led to the

Stacpoole after Rivière Charity {1876} NGV [PR]

Stacpoole, Frederick (1813-1907; English), after Rivière, Briton (1840-1920; English) Charity Engraving, 45.3 x 62.3 cm (image) Donated by William Agnew, 1876 National Gallery of Victoria (p.182.5-1) One of the prints after Rivière donated in 1876, all signed by both painter and print-maker. This particular impression is stamped at lower left (“Printseller’s Association: XDC”). A version

Girard after Reverdin Laocoon {by 1868} NGV [PR]

Girard, Alexis François (1789-1870; French), after Reverdin, François-Gédéon (1772-1828; Swiss/French) Laocoon Engraving, c.61 x 40.2 cm (image); 64 x 45.5 cm (paper) Acquired by 1868 National Gallery of Victoria (p.179.1-1) As the French inscription indicates, this image reproduces the central figure from the famous Hellenistic group in the Vatican. Subsidiary inscriptions identify Reverdin as the

Unknown after Rubens Descent from the Cross {1868} NGV [PR]

Unknown engraver, after Rubens, Peter Paul (1577-1640; Flemish)  Descent from the Cross Engraving, 85.4 x 63 cm (sheet) Presented by the Belgian Government 1868 National Gallery of Victoria (p.179.7-1) This print reproduces Rubens’s early masterpiece, the central panel of his altarpiece for Antwerp Cathedral (1612-14). The work has been engraved many times since the 17th

Silvestre Plans, elevations and views of Versailles {1879} NGV [PR]

Silvestre, Israel (1621-91; French) Plans, elevations and views of Versailles (1664-84) 15 engravings Gift of George Collins Levey 1879 National Gallery of Victoria (p.183.56-1 etc., as listed below) = Levey gift, cat.84-98 [photo: p.183.55-1] Silvestre’s engravings comprise the largest group of a series documenting the development of the building and decorative programs at Versailles during the opening

* Franck after Devaux Princess Charlotte, impératrice de Mexique {by 1894} Loc? [PR]

Franck, Joseph (1825-83; Belgian), after Devaux, Eugène (1822-1914; Belgian) S.A.I. et R. la Princesse Charlotte, impératrice du Mexique Engraving Acquired by 1894 Present location unknown  Charlotte (1840-1927), daughter of King Leopold I of Belgium and sister of Leopold II, married her cousin, Archduke Maximilian of Austria, in 1857. In 1864, Maximilian was installed by Napoleon

* Feckert after Winterhalter Victoria Adelaide, Princess Royal… {by 1871?} Loc? [PR]

Feckert, Gustav (1820-99; German), after Winterhalter, Franz Xaver (1805-73; German)   H.R.H. Victoria Adelaide Maria Louisa, Princess Royal of England and Crown Princess of Prussia (c.1858-70) Lithograph, c.72.3 x 53 cm (paper) Presented by the Prussian Government (by 1871?) Current location unknown In 1858, Victoria Adelaide, Queen Victoria’s first child (1840-1901), married Crown Prince Frederick William of

* Holl (William or Francis) after Salomé H.R.H.The Duke of Edinburgh {by 1894} Loc? [PR]

Holl, William (1807-71; English) (“the younger”) or Holl, Francis (1815-84; English), after Salomé, A. de (details unknown) H.R.H.The Prince of Edinburgh Engraving Acquired by 1894 Unidentified; present location unknown Queen Victoria’s second son Alfred (1844-1900), who spent much of his life in the navy, was named Duke of Edinburgh in 1866. Both Holl brothers noted above produced

* Milster William I, King of Prussia {by 1871?} Loc? [PR]

Milster, Ernst (1836-1908; German) William I, King of Prussia Lithograph Presented by the Prussian Government (by 1871?) Unidentified; present location unknown William or Wilhelm I (1797-1888), king of Prussia from 1861, was crowned German Emperor at Versailles in 1871, following the formation of the German Reich. For another pre-Felton portrait of him, see Unknown (German 19C?) Wiliam

* Cousins after Winterhalter Napoleon III {by 1873} Loc? [PR]

Cousins, Samuel (1801-87; English), after Winterhalter, Franz Xaver (1805-73; German) Napoleon III (c.1854) Engraving Presented by Napoleon III (by 1873) Unidentified; present location unknown The sitter (1808-73) presided over the French Second Empire from 1852-70. Winterhalter’s oil portrait and a matching portrait of the Empress Eugénie, both of c.1853, are presumed to have been destroyed in

* Billoin Louise d’Orléans {by 1894} Loc? [PR]

Billoin, Charles (1813-69; Belgian) Louise d’Orléans, reine des Belges Lithograph Acquired by 1894 Unidentified; present location unknown Louise (1812-50) was a French princess who married Leopold I of Belgium in 1832: see now * Baugniet Leopold Prémier, roi des Belges {by 1894} Loc? [PR]. Billoin was a painter and printmaker who specialized in portraits of the European

Lewis (C.G.) after Barker Allied Generals at Sebastopol 1859 {by 1894} Loc? [PR]

Lewis, Charles George (1808-1880; English), after Barker, Thomas Jones (1815-82; British)    The Allied Generals with the Officers of their Respective Staffs before Sebastapol 1859 Engraving, c.84 x 143.5 cm Presented by Henry Sewell, Esq. {before 1894} Location unknown This work relates to the Crimean War between Russia and a British-French-Ottoman Turkish alliance (1853-56). It reproduces a