Works by Albert included in this catalogue
Albert [Prince] after Victoria [Queen] Islay 1840 {1893} NGV [ET]
Albert [Prince] Head of a Dachshund 1840 {1893} NGV [ET]
Albert [Prince] after Cranach Frederick III 1840 {1893} NGV [ET]
Albert [Prince] after Voordecker Pigeons 1841 {1893} NGV [ET]
Albert [Prince] after Carracci (Agostino) [attrib.] Eagles 1841 {1893} NGV [ET]
Albert [Prince] after Landseer (?) Two Peasant Women 1842 {1893} NGV [ET]

Portrait of Albert in the pre-Felton collection 
Summers (Charles) Albert, Prince Consort {1878} Melb.Showgrounds [SC]

Six of the twelve etchings donated to the NGV by Queen Victoria in 1893 were made by her husband Albert, who evidently taught her the medium during their early years together. See now linked entry on Victoria, for  discussion of the etchings, and  the royal couple generally.

Almost all Albert’s etchings, dating from 1840-42, were based on compositions by others, including the first example listed above (after a drawing by Victoria herself).


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