Pre-Felton works donated by Clarke
Dowling after Partridge Lord Melbourne 1884 {1884} NGV [PA]
Summers (Charles) Rev.Charles Perry {1876} SLV [SC]
* Summers (Charles) Queen Victoria {1878} Melb.Showgrounds [SC]
* Summers (Charles) Albert, Prince Consort {1878} Melb.Showgrounds [SC]
* Summers (Charles) The Prince of Wales {1878} Loc? [SC]
* Summers (Charles) The Princess of Wales {1878} Alexandra [SC]

Portrait of Clarke included in this catalogue
Flintoff Sir William John Clarke 1885 {1888} SLV [PA]

Clarke’s father, W.J.T. (“Big”) Clarke (1805-74), was the owner of substantial land-holdings in both Tasmania and Victoria. In 1862, his son settled permanently in Victoria, becoming known in his own right as a successful sheep breeder.

After inheriting his father’s fortune, he became a major benefactor, donating large sums to the new St Paul’s Cathedral, and Trinity College at the University of Melbourne. He became a member of the Victorian legislative council in 1878, and was created baronet in 1882, partly in recognition of his role as President of the Melbourne exhibition of 1880-81.

Flintoff’s 1885 portrait shows him wearing the regalia of Grand Master of the Victorian Lodge of the Freemasons.


For information on Clarke and his father, see their ADB biographies by Hugh Anderson (1966) and Sylvia Morrissey (1969): and, both with further details and references. See also the SLV entry on Flintoff’s 1885 portrait