Summers, Charles (1825-78; English)
Albert, Prince Consort 1878
Marble, c. 173 cm high (statue) 
Presented by Sir William Clarke, 1878; lent to the Royal Agricultural Society, Melbourne, 1939 (loan formally made permanent, 1941)
Royal Melbourne Showgrounds

For the history of this statue, and a reproduction of it with the others in the group donated in 1878, see * Summers (Charles) Queen Victoria {1878} Melb.Showgrounds [SC].

See also Albert [Prince], for etchings by him, donated by Queen Victoria in 1893.


AR 1878, p.51; SB, p.67; NGV 1880, p.1 (as 5’8” high); NGV 1894, p.133 (VI.Rotunda, no.46); NGV 1905, p.154 (VI.Sculpture – Entrance Hall, no.2)

Photo by Jennie Maggs, 2014 (many thanks for her permission to reproduce)