Pre-Felton works donated by Grundy
Lewis (F.) after Lawrence A Lady {1868} NGV [PR]
* Linnell Sir Robert Peel 1838 {by 1870} Loc? [PR]
Purcell after Reynolds David Garrick {1868} NGV [PR]
Smith (J.) after Reynolds Madona col bambino 1791 {1868} NGV [PR]
Unknown after Lake Price Brace of Birds {1868} NGV [PR]
Unknown A Lancashire witch {1868} NGV [PR]

Confusingly enough, this early donor to the Melbourne collection is called J.L.Grundy in the 1894 and 1905 NGV catalogues. However in AR 1870-71, his initials are given as E.L., suggesting that he was probably the noted South Australian newspaperman and politician identified here.

Grundy arrived from England in 1847 and moved to Gawler, north of Adelaide, in 1858. He was a member of the local Humbug Society, a parliamentarian from 1860-62, and editor of the Gawler Bunyip from 1871 until his death.


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There appears to be no record of a J.L.Grundy in Australia during this period