Works included in this catalogue
* Quinn Study from the Nude {1894} Loc? [PA]
Quinn after Hals The Gipsy {1895} NGV [PA]
Quinn after Velazquez Infanta Margarita Teresa {1895} NGV [PA]
Quinn after David Madame Recamier {1895} NGV [PA]
Quinn after Botticelli Virgin and Child {1896} NGV [PA]
Quinn The Nativity {1901} NGV [PA]

Quinn won the NGV Travelling Scholarship in 1893, and studied in Paris for an extended period, under Jean Paul Laurens and others, making several good copies during this time, as noted above.

Merryn Gates, commenting on Quinn’s Botticelli copy in the re: Creation / Recreation exhibition she curated at the Monash University Gallery in 1989, observes that Quinn’s copies are generally in better condition than many other NGV scholarship works: see e.g. Longstaff after Titian Entombment of Christ {1889} NGV [PA].

Quinn’s subsequent career, much of it devoted to traditional portraiture, developed mainly in London (from 1902), and then back in his home-town of Melbourne, from 1935. There are other examples of his work in the NGV, and the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.


For general remarks on Quinn and the Travelling Scholarship, see Merryn Gates (ed.), re: Creation / Re-creation (1989), p.5, (the Botticelli copy). See also (by Alison Fraser; ADB vol.11, 1988); (for the other examples in the NGV collection); and Bénézit 11, p.552