Watkins Views of California {1871} SLV [PH]

Watkins, Carleton (1829-1916; United States) Album of photographs of Yosemite, Oregon etc. (c.1861-71) Albumen silver photographs, various sizes Presented by Frederick Wright, 1871 State Library of Victoria (H87.204) [reproduction: Cathedral Spires, Yosemite (H87.204/16)] Watkins, a native of New York, moved to California in 1851 in search of gold, and then took up photography. His iconic

Skeen & others Pompei {sic} and Paris {c.1888} SLV [PH]

Skeen, William Louis Henry (1847-1903; English), & others  Pompei {sic} and Paris (1882-83) Album of photographs, each folio c.48 x 65 cm Presented by Henry Coathupe Mais, c.1888 State Library of Victoria (H87.137/1-126) [reproduction: Unknown photographer: Militaria at the base of the Sphinx, Cairo, fol.35] This is one of several groups of photographs collected by Mais during his travels in 1882-83,

Macpherson Photographs of Rome {1860/61} SLV [PH]

Macpherson, Robert (1817-72; Scottish) Photographs of Rome, Volumes 1-4 (1858-62) Four albums of albumen silver photographs, each album 61.2 x 50.0 cm Purchased 1860 or 1861 State Library of Victoria (H90.150/1-168) [reproduction: Basilica of Constantine, Roman Forum (H90.150/36)] Macpherson moved to Rome in 1840, working initially as a painter and art dealer. During this period, he discovered Michelangelo’s unfinished

Frith Modern Egypt {c.1870} SLV [PH]

Frith, Francis (1822-98; English)  Photographs of Modern Egypt (1857) Album of 27 albumen silver prints, 36.3 x 29.3 cm Gift of Edward Thompson, c.1870 State Library of Victoria (H89.122/1-27) [reproduction: Tombs of the Mamelukes, Cairo (H89.111/9)] The contents of the present album are as follows (by folio number; titles noted in pencil below each photo; several are dated