Work by Pennell listed in this catalogue
Pennell A Devil of Notre Dame 1893 {1895} NGV [DR]

Pre-Felton works bought on Pennell’s advice
Abbey Phillida Flouts Me 1886 {1895} NGV [DR]
Burne-Jones Ladies and Death {1898} NGV [DR]
Houghton Mother, child and father {1897} NGV [DR]
Keene Interior of a Shop {1898} NGV [DR]
Leighton Study for Elijah {1897} NGV [DR]
Mahoney Pickwick finds Sam Weller {1896} NGV [DR]
May Last Public House 1892 {1894} NGV [DR]
Menzel Man’s Head 1886 {1895} NGV [DR]
North The Swallows {1897} NGV [DR]
North A Vesper Hymn {1897} NGV [DR]
Pinwell My dear Honeyword 1865 {1896} NGV [DR]
Vierge Battle of St Quentin 1876 {1894} NGV [DR]

A noted etcher and illustrator, Pennell was born in Philadelphia, and lived and worked for most of his life in London. He was a close friend of Whistler, whose style influenced his; and he and his wife Elizabeth wrote a major early biography of Whistler, published in 1908.

Pennell advised the NGV on the purchase of a number of graphic works by other artists, between c.1894 and 1898 (details listed above). All of these works are still in the NGV collection, as is his own sketch of one of the Notre-Dame gargoyles, bought at the same time.

A number of other works on paper by Pennell entered the NGV collection during the opening decades of the 20thcentury.


For Pennell, see Bénézit 10, pp.1129-30; AKL 95 (2017), pp.47-48;; and For the other Pennell works in the NGV, see