Lonsdale, William (1799-1864; English)

Pre-Felton works probably donated by Lonsdale Unknown (British 19C) Queen Victoria {c.1860} Loc? [SC] Unknown (British, 19C) Innocence {c.1860} Loc? [SC] Lonsdale superintended the earliest development of Port Phillip from 1836-39 (prior to the arrival of La Trobe). Since he was never formally appointed governor,  his portrait did not appear in the “Oval portrait” series.  Refs.

Perry, Charles (1807-91; English)

Portraits of Perry listed in this catalogue: Weigall Dr Charles Perry 1875 {1876} SLV [PA] Summers (Charles) Rev.Charles Perry {1876} SLV [SC] The Right Reverend Charles Perry, D.D., was a significant contributor to the development of early Melbourne. As archbishop of the new diocese (1848-75), he obtained authority to establish the Anglican Church in Australia as a self-governing

Robinson, John Henry (1796-1871; English)

Works included in this catalogue Robinson after Selous Surrender of Calais {1868} NGV [PR] Robinson after Stewart Daniel O’Connell {1868} NGV [PR] He was one of the eminent British engravers who petitioned in 1836 for the admission of engravers to the Royal Academy – agreed some years later. Robinson himself was elected to the RA

Guardabassi, Guerrino (1841-93; Italian)

Works included in this catalogue * Guardabassi L’Elemosina {1883} Loc? [WT] * Guardabassi The Matador {1883} Loc? [WT] * Guardabassi Un Vecchio Cappuccino {1883} Loc? [WT] * Guardabassi Una Vecchia che fila {1883} Loc? [WT] Guardabassi The Venetian Senator {1883} NGV [WT] The artist worked in Rome and Paris, mainly producing picturesque landscapes and figure

Strange, Robert (1721-92; Scottish)

Works included in this catalogue Strange after Cortona Caesar putting away Pompeia {by 1868} NGV [PR] Strange after Cortona Romulus and Remus {by 1868?} NGV [PR] Strange fought in the Jacobite rising of 1745 and subsequently worked in France and Italy, later returning to London and finding favour with George III. The two pre-Felton engravings by

Unknown A Lancashire witch {1868} NGV [PR]

Unknown artist (19th century?) A Lancashire witch Mezzotint Donated by J.Grundy 1868 National Gallery of Victoria (p.178.9-1) This print is described in the NGV’s unpublished list of pre-1905 acquisitions as “after Gary Bradley” (an artist who has not been traced). The title may allude to the infamous trials of the Pendle witches in 1612, which led to the

Grundy, J.L. {details unknown}

Pre-Felton works donated by Grundy Lewis after Lawrence A Lady {1868} NGV [PR] Purcell after Reynolds David Garrick {by 1868} NGV [PR] Smith after Reynolds Madonna & Child {by 1868} NGV [PR] Unknown after Lake Price Brace of Birds {1868} NGV [PR] Unknown A Lancashire witch {1868} NGV [PR] To date, no information has been