Lonsdale, William (1799-1864; English)

Pre-Felton works probably donated by Lonsdale * Noble [after] Queen Victoria {1863} Loc? [SC] * Unknown (British, 19C) Innocence {c.1860} Loc? [SC] Lonsdale superintended the earliest development of Port Phillip from 1836-39 (prior to the arrival of La Trobe). Since he was never formally appointed governor,  his portrait did not appear in the “Oval portrait” series. 

Perry, Charles (1807-91; English)

Portraits of Perry listed in this catalogue: Weigall Dr Charles Perry 1875 {1876} SLV [PA] Summers (Charles) Rev.Charles Perry {1876} SLV [SC] The Right Reverend Charles Perry, D.D., was a significant contributor to the development of early Melbourne. As archbishop of the new diocese (1848-75), he obtained authority to establish the Anglican Church in Australia as a self-governing

Robinson, John Henry (1796-1871; English)

Works included in this catalogue Robinson after Selous Surrender of Calais {1868} NGV [PR] Robinson after Stewart Daniel O’Connell {1868} NGV [PR] He was one of the eminent British engravers who petitioned in 1836 for the admission of engravers to the Royal Academy – agreed some years later. Robinson himself was elected to the RA

Guardabassi, Guerrino (1841-93; Italian)

Works included in this catalogue * Guardabassi L’Elemosina {1883} Loc? [WT] * Guardabassi The Matador {1883} Loc? [WT] * Guardabassi Un Vecchio Cappuccino {1883} Loc? [WT] * Guardabassi Una Vecchia che fila {1883} Loc? [WT] Guardabassi The Venetian Senator {1883} NGV [WT] The artist worked in Rome and Paris, mainly producing picturesque landscapes and figure

Strange, Robert (1721-92; Scottish)

Works included in this catalogue Strange after Cortona Caesar putting away Pompeia {by 1868} NGV [PR] Strange after Cortona Romulus and Remus {by 1868?} NGV [PR] Strange fought in the Jacobite rising of 1745 and subsequently worked in France and Italy, later returning to London and finding favour with George III. The two pre-Felton engravings by

Unknown A Lancashire witch {1868} NGV [PR]

Unknown artist (19th century?) A Lancashire witch Mezzotint Donated by E.L.Grundy 1868 National Gallery of Victoria (p.178.9-1) This print is described in the NGV’s unpublished list of pre-1905 acquisitions (PF) as “after Gary Bradley” (an artist who has not been traced; he may have been a publisher). The title may allude to the infamous trials of the Pendle