Chasteau, Guillaume (1635-83; French)

Works included in this catalogue Chasteau after Carracci (Annibale) Assumption of the Virgin {1879} NGV [PR] [Levey gift, cat.20] Chasteau after Carracci (Annibale) Martyrdom of St Stephen {1879} NGV [PR] [Levey gift, cat.16] Chasteau after Poussin The Gathering of Manna 1680 {1879} NGV [PR] [Levey gift, cat.4] Chasteau after Poussin Jesus healing the blind {1879}

Bérain, Jean, the Elder (1640-1711; French)

Works included in this catalogue Bérain Plan General du Chasteau du Louvre {1879} NGV [PR] [Levey gift, cat.39-40] Bérain & Scotin Ornemens de peinture… [title page] 1710 {1879} NGV [PR] [Levey gift, cat.54] Bérain Galerie d’Apollon [Ornemens, pls.2-12] {1879} NGV [PR] [Levey gift, cat.55-65] Bérain the Elder, from an artistic family, was appointed dessinateur de la

Baudet, Étienne (1638-1711; French)

Works included in this catalogue Baudet after Carracci (Annibale) Martyrdom of St Stephen 1677 {1879} NGV [PR] [Levey gift, cat.17] Baudet after Le Brun Le Grand Escalier de Versailles 1679-83 {1879} NGV [PR] [Levey gift, cat.103-109] Baudet after Valentin Tribute Money {1879} NGV [PR] [Levey gift, cat.11] Baudet was a prolific engraver in the era of

Audran, Gérard (1640-1703; French)

Works included in this catalogue Audran after Mignard Tableaux de la Voute de la Galerie du Petit Appartement du Roy a Versailles {1879} NGV [PR] [Levey gift, cat.111-113] Audran after Spada Aeneas saving his father {1879} NGV [PR] [Levey gift, cat.34] These engravings by Audran, a member of a print-making family, formed part of the 1879 Levey

Dürer, Albrecht (1471-1528; German)

Works included in this catalogue Dürer Knight, Death and the Devil 1513 {1891} NGV [PR] Dürer Melencolia I 1514 {1891} NGV [PR] Dürer St Jerome in his Study 1514 {1891} NGV [PR] The pre-Felton impressions of Dürer’s three “master engravings” of 1513-14 were selected in 1891 by Hubert von Herkomer from Seymour Haden’s collection, and purchased for

Domenichino (1581-1641; Italian)

Works after Domenichino included in this catalogue Picart after Domenichino Madonna and sleeping Christ Child [Levey gift, cat.9] Picart after Domenichino St Cecilia {1879} NGV [PR] [Levey gift, cat.27] Rousselet after Domenichino David singing {1879} NGV [PR] [Levey gift, cat.6] Works in this catalogue previously thought to be after Domenichino Audran after Spada Aeneas saving his father {1879}

De Gruchy, Henry (1828-82; Australian)

Works included in this catalogue De Gruchy & Leigh after Strafford Melbourne, 1856 {by 1894} SLV [PR] De Gruchy & Leigh Panoramic View of Melbourne 1863 {by 1894} SLV [PR]  Henry De Gruchy and his partner Stephen Leigh (dates unknown) were active as engravers and lithographers in Melbourne between 1851 and 1880. The address of their firm is inscribed

Dawe, George (1781-1829; English)

Pre-Felton works by or after Dawe * Dawe after Raeburn (?) Lord Alexander Abercromby {by 1894} Loc? [PR] Unknown after Dawe Duke of Wellington 1842 {1875} NGV [PR] Dawe’s skill as portraitist brought him to the attention of Tsar Alexander I, who invited him to Russia to portray the military heroes of the victory over

Carracci, Agostino (1557-1602; Italian)

Works by or after Agostino Carracci in the pre-Felton collection Albert [Prince] after Carracci (Agostino) [attrib.] Eagles 1841 {1893} NGV [ET] (previously believed to be by Annibale Carracci) * Carracci (Agostino) after Barocci Aeneas bearing his father Anchises {by 1894} Loc? [PR] A member of the influential Carracci family active in Bologna and Rome in the later 16th and early

Carmichael, John (1803-57; Scottish/Australian)

Works included in this catalogue Carmichael after Adamson Melbourne from the South side of the Yarra {1891} SLV [PR] * Carmichael Sydney Cove, from Fort Phillip 1838 {1891} Loc? [PR] * Carmichael Sydney Cove from the Stream 1838 {1891} Loc? [PR] Carmichael, who trained in Edinburgh, worked as a printmaker in Sydney from about 1825.

Buckner, Richard (1812-83; English)

Works included in this catalogue Bellin after Buckner Sir Charles Fitzroy {1872} SLV [PR] Chant after Buckner (?) Sir William Thomas Denison 1863 {by 1894} SLV [PR] Buckner led a successful career as a portraitist. Most sources agree on the biographical dates given above. Refs. For Buckner, see Bénézit 2, p.1436 and AKL 15 (1997), p.7;

Webber, John (1751-93; English)

Works included in this catalogue Bartolozzi & Byrne, after Webber: Death of Captain Cook 1785 {1882} SLV [PR] * Hodges or Webber (?) Native of Otaheite {1882} Loc? [DR] See also Hodges, William (1774-97; English) Webber was the artist member of Cook’s third and last voyage (1776-79). His posthumous oil portrait of Cook (1782) was bought for

Barak, William (1824-1903; Australian)

Works included in this catalogue Barak Untitled [Aboriginal ceremony] {1895} SLV [PA] Barak Untitled [Aboriginal ceremony, with wallaby and emu] {1895} SLV [PA] A senior member of the Wurundjeri people, based north of central Melbourne, Barak was also a painter, two of whose images of Aboriginal ceremonies (modified for non-indigenous audiences) were donated to the

Reni, Guido (1575-1642; Italian)

Pre-Felton works previously attributed to Reni Unknown (Italian 17C?) after Reni Repentance of St Peter {1889} NGV [PA] Unknown (Italian 19C?) after Seghers Christ at the Column {1883} NGV [PA] Religious images by or attributed to “the Divine Guido” (as Reni became known) were widely admired during the 18th and earlier 19th centuries, and his continuing prestige in the pre-Felton

Webb, James (1825-95; English)

Works included in this catalogue Webb (J.) Rotterdam at Sunset 1868 {1869} NGV [PA] Webb (J.) Lock on the Thames 1885 {1904} NGV [PA] Webb (J.) Gloucester {1904} NGV [PA] Webb was a marine landscape specialist and landscape painter; he exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1853 to 1888. Refs. For the artist, see Wood,

Watts, George Frederic (1817-1904; English)

Works included in this catalogue Watts Alfred Tennyson {1888} NGV [PA] Watts Love and Death {1888} NGV [PA] An arch-Victorian, Watts produced numerous variants of Love and Death and other allegorical compositions during a long career. His Tennyson portrait, dating from about 1858, is one of a large group of depictions of famous contemporaries, many of

Thomas, Margaret (1843-1929; English)

Works included in this catalogue Thomas Charles Summers 1866 {1881} SLV [PA] Thomas Sir Redmond Barry 1856 {1881} SLV [SC] * Thomas Charles Horsley {by 1880} Loc? [SC] Thomas, a talented artist who studied sculpture with Charles Summers in Melbourne in the 1860s, painted his oil portrait in 1866, and donated it to the Melbourne collection after his death.

Rivière, Briton (1840-1920; English)

Works included in this catalogue Lewis (C.G.) after Rivière Daniel in the Lions’ Den {1876} NGV [PR] Rivière Deer Stealers 1875 {1876} NGV [PA] Rivière A Roman Holiday 1881 {1888} NGV [PA] Stacpoole after Rivière All that was left of the ‘Homeward Bound’ {1876} NGV [PR] Stacpoole after Rivière Charity {1876} NGV [PR] Stacpoole after Rivière Circe and the Friends of Ulysses {1876} NGV [PR]

Quinn, James (1870-1951; Australian)

Works included in this catalogue * Quinn Study from the Nude {1894} Loc? [PA] Quinn after Hals The Gipsy {1895} NGV [PA] Quinn after Velazquez Infanta Margarita Teresa {1895} NGV [PA] Quinn after David Madame Recamier {1895} NGV [PA] Quinn after Botticelli Virgin and Child {1896} NGV [PA] Quinn The Nativity {1901} NGV [PA] Quinn

Pettie, John (1839-93; Scottish)

Works included in this catalogue Pettie Arrest for Witchcraft 1866 {1876} NGV [PA] Pettie Challenged {1885} NGV [PA] The artist relocated to London in 1862, joining other Scottish painters working there, notably Orchardson (see Orchardson The First Cloud 1887 {1887} NGV [PA]). In the 1850s and 60s, Pettie worked as a book illustrator, and produced

Paton, Waller Hugh (1828-95; Scottish)

Works included in this catalogue * Paton (W.) Upper Morelaggan 1876 {1882} Loc? [PA] Paton (W.) Entrance to Glen Etive 1879 {1882} NGV [PA] A noted landscape painter, Waller Paton was the younger brother of Noel Paton. Refs. See Bénézit 10, pp.996-97 (listing the two paintings listed above); see also For the NGV’s current holdings of

Paton, Joseph Noel (1821-1901; Scottish)

Works included in this catalogue * Paton (J.N.) A Dream of Latmos 1879 {1882} Loc? [PA] Ryall after Paton (J.N.) The Pursuit of Pleasure 1864 {by 1865?} NGV? [PR]  The artist, the older brother of Waller Hugh Paton, turned down an invitation to become a member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. In 1865, he was appointed

Meldrum, Max (1875-1955; Scottish/Australian)

Works included in this catalogue Meldrum Study from the Nude {1902} Loc? [PA] Meldrum after Tintoretto Portrait of a Gentleman {1903} Loc? [PA] Meldrum arrived in Australia with his family as a teenager, and enrolled in the National Gallery School in 1892, winning the NGV Travelling Scholarship in 1899. He worked in Paris and Edinburgh,

Longstaff, John (1861-1941; Australian)

Works included in this catalogue Longstaff Portrait of G.F.Folingsby {1891} SLV [PA] Longstaff after Titian Entombment of Christ {1889} NGV [PA] Longstaff after Velazquez Aesopus 1890 {1890} NGV [PA] Longstaff The Sirens {1894} NGV [PA] Longstaff Gippsland, Sunday night, February 20th, 1898 {1898} NGV [PA] Pre-Felton works bought on Longstaff’s advice Demont Don Quixote 1893 {1893} NGV

Long, Edwin (1829-91; English)

Works included in this catalogue Girardet after Long An Egyptian Feast 1879 {1883} NGV [PR] Long A Question of Propriety 1870 {1871} NGV [PA] Long Queen Esther 1878 {1879} NGV [PA] Earlier in his career, Long was particularly influenced by Spanish art and culture, as evidenced in A Question of Propriety (1870). But from the

Linnell, John (1792-1882; English)

Works included in this catalogue Linnell Wheat {1888} NGV [PA] * Linnell Sir Robert Peel 1838 {by 1894} Loc? [PR] A noted realist painter in his day, Linnell is probably best known now for having been a major patron of William Blake. In the early 1820s he commissioned many of the Blake prints and watercolours subsequently

Lee, Frederick (1798-1879; English)

Works included in this catalogue Lee River, Mill and Farm {1868} NGV [PA] Lee Ben Lawers {1872} NGV [PA] Lucas after Lee River scene in Devonshire {1868} NGV [PR]  The artist, elected an RA in 1838, was a successful landscapist, so much so that from 1872 he cruised the world in his private yacht, distributing his