Law, David (1831-1901; Scottish)

Works included in this catalogue Law Ben Venue and Loch Vennacher {1881} Loc? [PA] Law Cliveden on the Thames {1883} NGV [WT] Law Windsor Castle {1883} NGV [WT] The artist specialized in landscape watercolours, and two examples bought in 1883 are still in the NGV (details above). The Art Gallery of New South Wales also owns

Koekkoek, Hermannus the Younger (1836-1909; Dutch)

Works by Koekkoek included in this catalogue * Koekkoek Land’s End {1888} Loc? [PA] * Koekkoek Unlading Fishing Smacks {1889} Loc? [PA] Pre-Felton work donated by Koekkoek Koepping after Munkácsy Le Mont de Piete {1889} NGV [ET] The artist, a member of a family of Dutch landscapists, apparently specialized in marine views. His works regularly

Kemp, John (active 1876-80; Australian)

Works included in this catalogue Kemp John Pascoe Fawkner 1877 {1877} SLV [PA] Kemp Edward Henty 1880 {1880} SLV [PA] Little appears to be known about this artist, who is not listed in the online Dictionary of Australian artists (DAAO). Refs. Not listed in Bénézit, AKL or DAAO. The SLV catalogue provides the details noted

Heffner, Karl (1849-1925; German)

Works included in this catalogue Heffner Early Morning in Bavaria {1891} NGV [PA] Heffner A Flitting Gleam before the Storm {1884} NGV [PA] Canvases by Heffner, typically set at dawn or dusk, still appear regularly on the art market, fetching modest prices. NGV 1894 also mentions two landscapes by Heffner then in Sydney, but neither still appears

Halswelle, Keeley (1832-91; Scottish)

Works included in this catalogue Halswelle Green-robed Senators {1904} NGV [PA] Halswelle Welcome Shade 1884 {1888} NGV [PA] Halswelle Heart of the Coolins 1886 {1888} NGV [PA] Halswelle was a successful illustrator and figurative painter, one of whose most popular canvases, Non angli, sed angeli (1877), was acquired for the Art Gallery of New South

Gritten, Henry (1818-73; English/Australian)

Works included in this catalogue Gritten View on Jackson’s Creek 1866 {1866} NGV [PA] Gritten Melbourne, from the Botanical Gardens 1867 {1891} SLV [PA] Gritten, who arrived in Australia in 1853, produced a number of picturesque views of Melbourne and Victoria in the 1850s and 60s. His well-known 1856 watercolour of Melbourne from Prince’s Bridge

Graham, Peter (1836-1921; Scottish)

Works included in this catalogue Graham Autumnal Showers 1869 {1869} NGV [PA] Graham An Easterly Breeze 1887 {1887} NGV [PA] Graham After the Massacre at Glencoe 1889 {1889} NGV [PA] Adept at depicting atmosphere, the artist became particularly renowned for his dramatic views of the Scottish highlands such as Wandering Shadows (Edinburgh, National Galleries of

Gordon-Frazer, Charles (1863-99; British/Australian)

Works included in this catalogue Gordon-Frazer Benjamin Cowderoy 1890 {1890} SLV? [PA] Gordon-Frazer John Blyth {1890} Loc? [PA] Gordon-Frazer travelled widely in the Pacific and South East Asia from 1885 onwards, dying of blackwater fever in Siam (Thailand) at the age of only 36. Shortly after the two portraits noted above entered the Melbourne collection

Fox, Emmanuel Phillips (1865-1915; Australian)

Works included in this catalogue Fox after Velazquez The Topers {1893} NGV [PA] Fox Robert L.Ellery 1896 {1897} NGV [PA] Fox Sir Frederick Sargood 1897 {1897} SLV [PA] Fox Landing of Captain Cook 1902 {1902} NGV [PA] After studying at the National Gallery art school in Melbourne, under G.F.Folingsby, Fox went to Europe in 1887,

Creswick, Thomas (1811-69; English)

Works included in this catalogue Creswick Stepping Stones 1844 {1904} NGV [PA] Creswick & Ansdell England 1850 {1878} NGV [PA] Creswick, a member of the Birmingham School of landscape painters, became a full member of the Royal Academy in 1850. England was one of the earliest of several collaborations between him and Richard Ansdell. Refs. For Creswick,

Coates, George (1869-1930; Australian/English)

Works included in this catalogue Coates Motherhood {1904} NGV [PA] Coates after Correggio Marriage of St Catherine {1899} NGV [PA] Coates after van Dyck Portrait of a Father with his Son {1900} NGV [PA] Coates won the NGV Travelling Scholarship in 1896, producing the three works listed above under the terms of that award. He went on to lead a

Chevalier, Nicholas (1828-1902; Swiss/Australian)

Works included in this catalogue Chevalier Houses of Parliament, Melbourne 1856 {by 1894?} SLV [PR] Chevalier Dr Maund 1863 {1863} NGV [PA] Chevalier The Buffalo Ranges, Victoria 1864 {1864} NGV [PA] * Chevalier Sketch for “The Indian Shepherd” {1891} Loc? [PA] * Montefiore after Chevalier Crossing a Creek, N.Z. {by 1894} Loc? [PR] * Montefiore after

Baxter, Charles (1809-79; English)

Works included in this catalogue Baxter Rose of England 1861 {1864} NGV [PA] * Baxter Rosebud of England 1861 {1864} Loc? [PA] Baxter exhibited regularly at the Royal Academy from 1834 onwards, pursuing what the NGV 1894 catalogue, in its entries on the two works below, describes in lukewarm terms as “a struggling career as a

Altson, Meyer (1881-1965; English/Australian)

Works included in this catalogue Altson (M.) Monochrome Head of Horse {1899} Loc? [PA] Altson (M.) Study from the nude {1904} Loc? [PA] Daniel Meyer Altson, the younger brother of Aby Altson, studied at the Melbourne gallery’s art school from 1894-1902. His oil sketch of a horse’s head, presumably after the pre-Felton collection’s plaster cast from

Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-69; Dutch)

Works by or after Rembrandt included in this catalogue * Altson (A.) after Rembrandt An Old Man {1894} Loc? [PA] Rembrandt 11 etchings {1891} NGV [ET] For further details on the Rembrandt etchings purchased for Melbourne on Herkomer’s advice in 1891, see separate entry. Major NGV acquisitions were to follow in the Felton era, including

Altson, Aby (1866-1948; English/Australian)

Works included in this catalogue Altson (A.)The Golden Age 1893 {1895} NGV [PA] * Altson (A.) after Rembrandt An Old Man {1894} Loc? [PA] Altson (A.) after van Dyck Portrait of a Lady of Rank 1891 {1892} NGV [PA] Altson studied at the National Gallery art school, and won the NGV Travelling Scholarship in 1890, subsequently producing

Alma-Tadema, Lawrence (1836-1912; Dutch/English)

Works included in this catalogue Alma-Tadema The Vintage Festival 1871 {1888} NGV [PA] Van Loo after Alma-Tadema Frédégonde et Prétextat {1868} NGV [PR] Alma-Tadema transferred his successful studio from Brussels to London in 1870, and was admitted to the Royal Academy in 1879. His detailed, meticulously-researched images of ancient Rome fell from favour after his death,

A’Beckett, Edward (1844-1922; English/Australian)

Works included in this catalogue A’Beckett (E.) Hamilton Hume {1881} SLV [PA] A’Beckett (E.) James Macpherson Grant 1886 {1886} SLV [PA] A’Beckett (E.) Francis Henty {1892} SLV [PA] A member of a wealthy Anglo-Australian family, A’Beckett was also an amateur painter. He encouraged his niece Emma Minnie Boyd to develop her own artistic career: see now Boyd (E.)

Frith, Francis (1822-98; English)

Photographs by Frith are included the following pre-Felton albums/collections: Fenton, Bedford & others Cathedrals and Abbeys in England and Scotland {1860} SLV [PH] Frith Syria & Palestine {1860} SLV [PH] Frith Ancient Egypt {c.1870} SLV [PH] Frith Modern Egypt {c.1870} SLV [PH] Skeen & others Pompei {sic} and Paris {c.1888} SLV [PH] Frith took his meticulously detailed photographs of Baalbek and other

Fenton, Roger (1819-69; English)

Works included in this catalogue Fenton & others Cathedrals and Abbeys in England and Scotland {1860} SLV [PH] Fenton, Bedford & others England and Wales {1860} SLV [PH] Fenton & others Palaces, Castles & Seats in England {1860} SLV [PH] Fenton was a pioneering British photographer who made his name with a famous set of images

Bourne & Shepherd (1862ff.; English)

Works listed in this catalogue Bourne & Shepherd Northern India and Kashmir {1872} SLV [PH] Shepherd & Robertson Views of Agra, Delhi and Lucknow {1875?} SLV [PH] Samuel Bourne (1834-1912) worked in the Northern Indian city of Simla (now Shimla) between 1863 and 1870, taking numerous remarkable photographs, using large cameras and the “collodion process” (for this technique, see also

Ward, Leslie (1851-1922; English)

Works included in this catalogue Ward (L.) Elizabeth Thompson {1881} NGV [DR] Ward (L.) John Everett Millais {1881} NGV [DR] Ward (L.) Frederick Leighton {1881} NGV [DR] Sir Leslie Ward led a highly successful career as a caricaturist for Vanity Fair, where he used the pseudonym “Spy.” For mention of another one of his caricatures, see Boehm

Scurry, James (1826-94; English/Australian)

Works donated by Scurry (by himself and others) included in this catalogue  * Scurry Charles Summers {1884} Loc? [SC] Scurry Cole’s Wharf 1853 {1884} SLV [DR]            Scurry Sandridge Pier 1853 {1884} SLV [DR] Scurry View on the Yarra 1853 {1884} SLV [DR] * Scurry (?) View from Flagstaff Hill 1853 {1884} Loc? [DR]  Scurry was already active

May, Phil (1864-1903; English)

Works included in this catalogue May (P.) The Diamond Doctor 1888 {1903} SLV [DR] (Bulletin 29 Sept.1888) May (P.) Dishing his Enemies 1888 {1903} SLV [DR] (Bulletin 17 March 1888) May (P.) Jumps and Jim Jams 1888 {1903} SLV [DR] (Bulletin 22 Dec.1888) May (P.) Loch and Key 1888 {1903} NGV [DR] (Bulletin 18 Aug.1888) May (P.) Lord Carrington

Keene, Charles (1823-91; English)

Works included in this catalogue Keene Interior of a Shop {1898} NGV [DR] Keene Management 1868 {1892} NGV [DR] Keene’s black and white style was widely admired and influential in the later 19th and earlier 20th centuries. Adolf von Menzel, for instance (see Menzel Man’s Head 1886 {1895} NGV [DR]), is said to have subscribed to Punch purely for the

Hodgson, John Evan (1831-95; English)

Works included in this catalogue Hodgson The Oban boat {1891} NGV [DR] * Hodgson Arab Prisoners 1870 {1871} Loc? [PA] The artist, elected to the Royal Academy in 1870, specialized in Orientalizing subjects such as the 1870 painting formerly in the pre-Felton collection. Refs. For the artist, see AKL 73 (2012), pp.476-77 and Bénézit 7, pp.158-59

Hodges, William (1744-97; English)

Works included in this catalogue Hodges Party of Maoris in a Canoe 1773 {1882} SLV [DR] Hodges South Entrance of Dusky Bay 1773 {1882} SLV [DR] Hodges Mallicolo 1774 {1882} SLV [DR] * Hodges or Webber (?) Native of Otaheite {1882} Loc? [DR] For Hodges’ contribution as the main artist on Cook’s second voyage of 1772-75, see