Bedford, Francis (1815-94; English)

Bedford’s photographs appear in the following albums included in this catalogue: Fenton, Bedford (F.) & others England and Wales {1860} SLV [PH] Fenton, Bedford (F.) & others Cathedrals and Abbeys in England and Scotland {1860} SLV [PH] Fenton & others Palaces, Castles & Seats in England {1860} SLV [PH] Bedford helped to found the Royal

Ryall, Henry Thomas (1811-67; English)

Works included in this catalogue Ryall after Landseer Deer Stalkers returning {1868} NGV [PR] Ryall after Paton (J.N.) The Pursuit of Pleasure 1864 {by 1865} NGV [PR]  Ryall, appointed historical engraver to Queen Victoria, reproduced paintings by many of his contemporaries. Refs. For Ryall, see Bénézit 12, p.176; AKL 100 (2018), p.207;; and

Reynolds, Joshua (1723-92; English)

Works included in this catalogue Reynolds (J.), after: Engravings 1820 {1858} SLV [IB] Purcell after Reynolds (J.) David Garrick {1868} NGV [PR] Smith (J.) after Reynolds (J.) Madona col bambino 1791 {1868} NGV [PR] Reynolds distinguished himself not only as a fine portrait-painter, but also as a precursor of the modern arts bureaucrat, especially as

Robinson, John Henry (1796-1871; English)

Works included in this catalogue Robinson after Selous Surrender of Calais {1868} NGV [PR] Robinson after Stewart Daniel O’Connell {1868} NGV [PR] He was one of the eminent British engravers who petitioned in 1836 for the admission of engravers to the Royal Academy – agreed some years later. Robinson himself was elected to the RA

Guardabassi, Guerrino (1841-93; Italian)

Works included in this catalogue * Guardabassi L’Elemosina {1883} Loc? [WT] * Guardabassi The Matador {1883} Loc? [WT] * Guardabassi Un Vecchio Cappuccino {1883} Loc? [WT] * Guardabassi Una Vecchia che fila {1883} Loc? [WT] Guardabassi The Venetian Senator {1883} NGV [WT] The artist worked in Rome and Paris, mainly producing picturesque landscapes and figure

Strange, Robert (1721-92; Scottish)

Works included in this catalogue Strange after Cortona Caesar putting away Pompeia {by 1868} NGV [PR] Strange after Cortona Romulus and Remus {by 1868?} NGV [PR] Strange fought in the Jacobite rising of 1745 and subsequently worked in France and Italy, later returning to London and finding favour with George III. The two pre-Felton engravings by

Canova, Antonio (1757-1822; Italian)

Works after Canova listed in this catalogue * Canova [after] Head of Christ {by 1865} Loc? [SC] * Canova [after] Two Lions {by 1865} Loc? [SC] * Canova [attrib.] Eve {1885} Loc? [SC] None of the works listed is extant; it seems most unlikely that any of them was original. The pre-Felton Melbourne collection also included plaster

Lewis, Charles George (1808-80; English)

Works included in this catalogue Lewis (C.G.) after Barker Allied Generals at Sebastopol 1859 {by 1865} Loc? [PR] Lewis (C.G.) after Rivière Daniel in the Lions’ Den {1876} NGV [PR] Lewis was well known as an engraver of paintings by Landseer and other major painters of his day. His father Frederick Christian Lewis was also an engraver: see Lewis (F.) after

Stacpoole, Frederick (1813-1907; English)

Works listed in this catalogue Stacpoole after Rivière All that was left of the ‘Homeward Bound’ {1876} NGV [PR] Stacpoole after Rivière Charity {1876} NGV [PR] Stacpoole after Rivière Circe and the Friends of Ulysses {1876} NGV [PR] These engravings were from a group of four prints after Briton Rivière donated together in 1876; the 4th was by C.G.Lewis; for further

Turner, J.M.W. (1775-1851; English)

Works included in this catalogue Turner (J.M.W.) Dunstanborough Castle {1888} NGV [PA] * Willmore (J.) after Turner (J.M.W.) Italian Landscape {1868} Loc? [PR] Dunstanborough Castle (c.1798), donated to the Melbourne collection by the Duke of Westminster in 1888, improved the quality of the gallery’s holdings of British and European landscape painting at a single blow, giving local

Landseer, Edwin (1802-73; English)

Pre-Felton works after Landseer Albert [Prince] after Landseer (?) Two Peasant Women 1842 {1893} NGV [ET] Ryall after Landseer Deer stalkers returning {1868} NGV [PR] Known later principally as an expert animal painter, Landseer was the young Queen Victoria’s favourite artist. He taught both Victoria and Albert etching, and portrayed the royal couple on several occasions. His Windsor

Franck, Joseph (1825-82; Belgian)

Works included in this catalogue * Franck after Devaux Princess Charlotte, impératrice de Mexique {by 1894} Loc? [PR] * Franck after De Winne Le Comte de Flandre 1860 {by 1894} Loc? [PR] He appears to have been known particularly for his engravings after various Old Masters and Gérome. Refs. For details, see AKL 43 (2004),

Velazquez, Diego (1599-1660; Spanish)

Pre-Felton works after Velazquez Longstaff after Velazquez Aesopus 1890 {1890} NGV [PA] Quinn after Velazquez Infanta Margarita Teresa {1895} NGV [PA]  The Spanish Baroque master appealed to Manet and many other 19th-century painters for his combination of brilliant brushwork and cool tonality, and several recipients of the NGV Travelling Scholarship copied his works (examples listed above).

Chuck, Thomas Foster (1826-98; English/Australian)

Work included in this catalogue Chuck Explorers and Early Colonists of Victoria 1872 {1880} SLV [PH] Chuck, who was active as a professional photographer in Melbourne from the 1860s, supervised the production of the composite image of Victoria’s early colonists listed above, and was also a major contributor to the Public Library’s “Oval Portrait” series from 1866

Botterill, John (1817-81; English/Australian)

Work included in this catalogue Botterill Sir Redmond Barry {1892} SLV [PA] Botterill, documented as active in Melbourne from the 1850s, mainly as a professional photographer, was one of the principal contributors to the Melbourne Public Library’s  “Oval Portrait” series initiated in 1866. Refs. For Botterill, see Kerr Dictionary (1992), pp.82-83; (including a useful biography and further references); AKL

Correggio (c.1489-1534; Italian)

Works after Correggio included in this catalogue Coates after Correggio Marriage of St Catherine {1899} NGV [PA] Picart after Correggio Allegory of Vice 1676 {1879} NGV [PR] Picart after Correggio Mystic Marriage of St Catherine {1879} NGV [PR] Picart after Correggio Virtue Triumphant over Vice 1672 {1879} NGV [PR] Placed on a par with Leonardo

Titian (1487/90-1576; Italian)

Pre-Felton works after Titian Longstaff after Titian Entombment of Christ {1889} NGV [PA] Masson after Titian Christ at Emmaus {1879} NGV [PR] Rousselet after Titian Entombment of Christ {1879} NGV [PR] Despite Titian’s status as the arch-colourist of the Renaissance era (by contrast with the linear clarity or disegno seen since Vasari as the hallmark of many of

Raphael (1483-1520; Italian)

Pre-Felton works after Raphael: Cunego & others after Raphael: Engravings after Paintings in the Loggie {by 1861} SLV [PR] * Desvachez after Raphael: La vierge au livre {1868?} Loc? [PR] Edelinck after Raphael The Holy Family {1879} NGV [PR] * Gruner after Raphael Conversion of Saul 1864 {by 1894} Loc? [PR] * Gruner after Raphael The

Le Brun, Charles (1619-90; French)

Works after Le Brun included in this catalogue Baudet after Le Brun Le Grand Escalier de Versailles 1679-83 {1879} NGV [PR] [Levey gift, cat.103-109] Jeaurat after Le Brun Interview of Louis XIV & Phillip IV 1728 {1879} NGV [PR] [Levey gift, cat.175] Jeaurat after Le Brun Marriage of Louis XIV & Maria Theresa 1731 {1879} NGV

Rubens, Peter Paul (1577-1640: Flemish)

Pre-Felton works attributed to or after Rubens Rubens [after] The Garden of Love {1904} NGV [PA] Unknown after Rubens Descent from the Cross {1868} NGV [PR] A highly prolific and talented painter with a strong devotion to classical antiquity, Rubens made a remarkable contribution to the development of the Baroque style in early 17th century Europe.

Winterhalter, Franz Xaver (1805-73; German)

Works after Winterhalter included in the present catalogue * Cousins after Winterhalter Napoleon III {by 1870} Loc? [PR] * Feckert after Winterhalter Victoria Adelaide, Princess Royal… {by 1871?} Loc? [PR] A prolific and sought-after painter, Winterhalter portrayed many European monarchs and aristocrats of his day. An 1862 copy of one of his portraits of Queen Victoria

Turchi, Alessandro (1578-1649; Italian)

Works after Turchi included in this catalogue Edelinck after Turchi The Deluge {1868} NGV [PR] Scotin after Turchi Mystic Marriage of St Catherine 1679 {1879} NGV [PR] Turchi, born in Verona, worked mainly in Rome. Also known in the past as Alessandro Veronese, he has sometimes been confused with the famous Venetian Renaissance painter Paolo

Scotin, Gérard (1671-1716; French)

Works included in this catalogue Bérain & Scotin Ornemens de peinture… [title page] 1710 {1879} NGV [PR] [Levey gift, cat.54] Scotin after Turchi Mystic Marriage of St Catherine 1679 {1879} NGV [PR] [Levey gift, cat.25] Scotin is identified in the inscription as the engraver (and Bérain the draughtsman) of the title page to the 1710

Silvestre, Israel (1621-91; French)

Works included in this catalogue Silvestre Les Plaisirs de l’Isle enchantée 1673 {1879} NGV [PR] [Levey gift, cat.114-22] Silvestre Views and Elevations of the Tuileries {1879} NGV [PR] [Levey gift, cat.45-53] Silvestre Plans, elevations and views of Versailles {1879} NGV [PR] [Levey gift, cat.84-98] The prints listed above, all from George Collins Levey’s 1879 donation to the

Carracci, Annibale (1540-1609; Italian)

Works after Annibale Carracci (or works formerly attributed to him) included in this catalogue Albert [Prince] after Carracci (Agostino) [attrib.] Eagles 1841 {1893} NGV [ET] Baudet after Carracci (Annibale) Martyrdom of St Stephen 1677 {1879} NGV [PR] [Levey gift, cat.17] Chasteau after Carracci (Annibale) Assumption of the Virgin {1879} NGV [PR] [Levey gift, cat.20] Chasteau after Carracci (Annibale) Martyrdom of

Valentin de Boulogne (1591-1632: French)

Works included in this catalogue Baudet after Valentin Tribute Money {1879} NGV [PR] [Levey gift, cat.11] Rousselet after Valentin The Four Evangelists {1879} NGV [PR] [Levey gift, cat.21-24]  After arriving in Rome in about 1620, Valentin was initially heavily influenced by Caravaggio; but he then developed a distinctive blend of the latter’s immediacy with classicizing

Spada, Leonello (1576-1622; Italian)

Works included in this catalogue Audran after Spada: Aeneas saving his father {1879} NGV [PR] [Levey gift, cat.34] Picart after Spada: The Concert {1879} NGV [PR] [Levey gift, no.38]  Spada, known largely as a genre painter in the lineage of Caravaggio, may seem an unlikely choice as the author of two paintings reproduced in Louis XIV’s Tableaux du