Hering Druidical monuments 1871 {1872} NGV [PA]

Hering, George Edwards (1805-79; English) Druidical monuments at dawn in the Isle of Arran 1871 Oil on canvas, 89.7 x 139.0 cm Purchased, 1872 (advice of J.R.Herbert) National Gallery of Victoria (p.303.5-1) Arran, in the Firth of Clyde, is well known for its Neolithic monuments; the standing stones depicted here form part of one of the groups on

Herdman The Fern Gatherer 1864 {1864} NGV [PA]

Herdman, Robert (1829-88; Scottish) The Fern Gatherer – West Highands 1864 Oil on canvas, 70.2 x 60.0 cm Purchased by the Commisioners of Fine Arts for Victoria, 1864 (advice of Sir Charles Eastlake) National Gallery of Victoria (p.300.15-1) This typically Victorian painting, shown at the Royal Academy in London in 1864, was one of the first works

Heffner Early Morning in Bavaria {1891} NGV [PA]

Heffner, Karl (1849-1925; German) Early Morning in Bavaria Oil on canvas, 96.0 x 196.3 cm Purchased, 1891 National Gallery of Victoria (p.397.1-1)  This canvas was the second of Heffner’s landscapes to enter the Melbourne collection: see linked artist entry. It is not currently on display, and seems to need a good scrub (it looks cleaner in

Heffner, Karl (1849-1925; German)

Works included in this catalogue Heffner Early Morning in Bavaria {1891} NGV [PA] Heffner A Flitting Gleam before the Storm {1884} NGV [PA] Canvases by Heffner, typically set at dawn or dusk, still appear regularly on the art market, fetching modest prices. NGV 1894 also mentions two landscapes by Heffner then in Sydney, but neither still appears

Haydon Marcus Curtius 1843 {1897} NGV [PA]

Haydon, Benjamin Robert (1786-1846; English) Marcus Curtius 1843 Oil on canvas, mounted on board, 76.5 x 63.5 cm Purchased, 1897 (advice of Bernard Hall) National Gallery of Victoria (40/2) This canvas, purchased in Melbourne in 1897, for a modest sum, was first brought to Australia in the late 1840s by Richard Twentyman, a London businessman

Hart J.B.Were 1852 {1885} NGV [PA]

Hart, Conway Weston (1814-64; English) J.B.Were 1852 Oil on canvas, 128.8 x 102.8 cm Gift of J.B.Were, 1885 National Gallery of Victoria (p.310.10-1) This work, listed in the 1885 annual report and NGV 1894 as by an unknown painter, is documented as the work of Hart, who was active as a portraitist in Victoria and

Halswelle Heart of the Coolins 1886 {1888} NGV [PA]

Halswelle, Keeley (1832-91; Scottish) The Heart of the Coolins, Isle of Skye 1886 Oil on canvas, 112.8 x 184.0 cm Purchased, 1888 (advice of George Folingsby) National Gallery of Victoria (p.312.3-1) Suzanne Fraser, in the catalogue of the 2014 Ballarat Art Gallery exhibition Auld Land Syne, discusses this work as an example of the “Highlandism” obviously

Halswelle Welcome Shade 1884 {1888} NGV [PA]

Halswelle, Keeley (1832-91; Scottish) Welcome Shade 1884 Oil on canvas, 105.0 x 181.9 cm Purchased, 1888 (advice of George Folingsby) National Gallery of Victoria (p.312.4-1) This pastoral image, in the tradition established by the purchase of Tschaggeny Sheep in repose 1864 {1864} NGV [PA], was chosen from the Grosvenor Gallery Intercolonial Exhibition held in Melbourne

Halswelle Green-robed Senators {1904} NGV [PA]

Halswelle, Keeley (1832-91; Scottish) Green-robed Senators (c.1880) Oil on canvas, 65.8 x 39.5 cm Bequest of Alfred Felton, 1904  National Gallery of Victoria (148-2) The earliest of three landscapes by Halswelle acquired for the NGV before 1905 (although the last to be acquired), this canvas was selected from Felton’s own collection. The title derives from Keats:

Halswelle, Keeley (1832-91; Scottish)

Works included in this catalogue Halswelle Green-robed Senators {1904} NGV [PA] Halswelle Welcome Shade 1884 {1888} NGV [PA] Halswelle Heart of the Coolins 1886 {1888} NGV [PA] Halswelle was a successful illustrator and figurative painter, one of whose most popular canvases, Non angli, sed angeli (1877), was acquired for the Art Gallery of New South

Gritten View on Jackson’s Creek 1866 {1866} NGV [PA]

Gritten, Henry (1818-73; English/Australian) View on Jackson’s Creek near Sunbury 1866 Oil on canvas, 62.4 x 92.7 cm Gift of Sir Archibald Michie 1866 National Gallery of Victoria (p.300.13-1) Both this work and von Guérard Valley of the Mitta Mitta 1866 {1866} NGV [PA] were donated by Michie in the year they were painted. This work was one of several

Gritten, Henry (1818-73; English/Australian)

Works included in this catalogue Gritten View on Jackson’s Creek 1866 {1866} NGV [PA] Gritten Melbourne, from the Botanical Gardens 1867 {1891} SLV [PA] Gritten, who arrived in Australia in 1853, produced a number of picturesque views of Melbourne and Victoria in the 1850s and 60s. His well-known 1856 watercolour of Melbourne from Prince’s Bridge

Gray Child playing grandmother 1870 {1872} NGV [PA]

Gray, Kate (active c.1864-97?; English) Child playing grandmother 1870 Oil on canvas, 35.8 x 30.0 cm Purchased, 1872 (advice of John Ruskin) National Gallery of Victoria (p.303.7-1) This canvas was bought on the advice of Ruskin, while he was an NGV advisor during the early 1870s. Its Victorian sentimentality somehow escaped the attention of those determined to

Graham An Easterly Breeze 1887 {1887} NGV [PA]

Graham, Peter (1836-1921; Scottish) An Easterly Breeze 1887 Oil on canvas, 107.7 x 183.5 cm Purchased, 1887 National Gallery of Victoria (p.312.2-1) Graham’s skills at suggesting wind and weather were applied here to the ocean shore (refer linked artist entry). Refs. AR 1887, p.34; NGV1894, p.18 (I.La Trobe Gallery, no.18; ill.); NGV 1905, p.26 (I.La Trobe Gallery,

Graham Autumnal Showers 1869 {1869} NGV [PA]

Graham, Peter (1836-1921; Scottish) Autumnal Showers 1869 Oil on canvas, 124.7 x 174.8 cm Purchased, 1869 (advice of Alfred Thomson) National Gallery of Victoria (p.302.7-1) This relatively early work, recommended enthusiastically by Thomson, was the first of three paintings by Graham to enter the NGV collection in the later 19th century (see linked artist entry for details). Refs.

Graham, Peter (1836-1921; Scottish)

Works included in this catalogue Graham Autumnal Showers 1869 {1869} NGV [PA] Graham An Easterly Breeze 1887 {1887} NGV [PA] Graham After the Massacre at Glencoe 1889 {1889} NGV [PA] Adept at depicting atmosphere, the artist became particularly renowned for his dramatic views of the Scottish highlands such as Wandering Shadows (Edinburgh, National Galleries of

Gow No Surrender 1879 {1879} NGV [PA]

Gow, Andrew Carrick (1848-1920; English) No Surrender 1879 Oil on canvas, 91.8 x 137.5 cm Gift of Dugald McDougall, 1879 National Gallery of Victoria (p.307.5-1) This gloomy representation of an episode from the Battle of Ligny (1815) shows French troops cornered by Prussian forces. The canvas is clearly in poor condition, and is not currently on display. NGV

Gotch Mental Arithmetic 1883 {1884} NGV [PA]

Gotch, Thomas Cooper (1854-1931; English) Mental Arithmetic 1883 Oil on canvas, 153.5 x 123.0 cm Gift of J.S.Gotch, 1884 National Gallery of Victoria (p.309.5-1) This illustration of folk wisdom was painted in Newlyn, Cornwall. Later, after a trip to Italy, Gotch’s style moved in a more stylized direction, exemplified by his striking child portrait, My crown and