Worlidge Antique Gems 1768 {1858} SLV [IB]

Worlidge, Thomas (1700-1766; English) Select Collection of Drawings from Curious Antique Gems… etched after the Manner of Rembrandt (2 vols., London, 1768) Purchased 1858 State Library of Victoria [RARES 736.2 W89] Worlidge studied art in London with the Genoese refugee Alessandro Grimaldi (whose daughter he married), subsequently making his name as a painter of portrait

Fourdrinier, Paul (1698-1758; Dutch/English)

Works including engravings by Fourdrinier Jones (I.) Designs 1727 {1860} SLV [IB] Wood (R.) Ruins of Palmyra & Balbec 1753 & 1757 {by 1861} SLV [IB] The son of French Huguenot refugees, Fourdrinier was born in Groningen, studied with Bernard Picart in Amsterdam, and then emigrated to England in 1720, where he established a career

Wilson, Richard (1713/14-82; Welsh)

Works listed in this catalogue Wilson Works (etchings by Thomas Hastings) 1825 {1858} SLV [IB] Wilson [manner of] Landscape with Italian buildings {1904} NGV [PA] A noted 18th-century landscape painter, Wilson worked in Italy in the 1750s, and was a foundation member of the RA (1768). The painting acquired from Felton’s estate in 1904, listed

Stanfield (after) Coast Scenery 1836 {1861} SLV [IB]

Stanfield, Clarkson (1793-1867; English) Stanfield’s Coast Scenery: a series of views in the British Channel, from original drawings taken expressly for the work (London: Smith, Elder and Co., 1836) Purchased, 1861 State Library of Victoria [SF 914.2 ST2] The book comprises 40 engravings, produced by various print-makers in dramatic style, with accompanying descriptive and historical texts.

Reynolds (J.), after: Engravings 1820 {1858} SLV [IB]

Reynolds, Sir Joshua (1723-92; English), after Engravings from the pictures and sketches painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds, 4 vols., London, 1820 (engravings by S.W.Reynolds) Acquired 1858 State Library of Victoria [AEF759.2 R33] This 4-volume set comprises engravings by English printmaker Samuel William Reynolds (1773-1835), appointed royal engraver in 1820. A second series of a further three volumes

Pugin (A.W.) Contrasts 1836 {1857} SLV [IB]

Pugin, Augustus Welby (1812-52; English) Contrasts: Or, a Parallel between the Noble Edifices of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries and Similar Buildings of the Present Day, Shewing the Present Decay of Taste (London: Charles Dolman, 1836) Purchased 1857 State Library of Victoria [RARESF 720.942 P96] Pugin’s first significant publication was a powerful diatribe against the

Pugin, Augustus Welby (1812-52; English)

Works listed in this catalogue: Pugin (A.W.) Contrasts 1836 {1857} SLV [IB] Pugin (A.W.) Details of Antient Timber Houses 1836 {1857} SLV [IB] Pugin (A.W.) Ecclesiastical Ornament & Costume 1846 {1857} SLV [IB] Pugin (A.W.) Floriated Ornament 1849 {1857} SLV [IB] Pugin (A.W.) Oxford {1877} NGV [WT] Pugin, a highly influential Gothic Revival architect and

Pugin (A.C.) & Britton Public Buildings of London 1838 {1858} SLV [IB]

Pugin, Augustus Charles [Auguste] (1762-1832; French-English) & Britton, John (1771-1857; English) Illustrations of the Public Buildings of London (2nd ed., enlarged by W.H.Leeds, 2 vols., London: John Weale, 1838) Purchased 1858 State Library of Victoria [S 720.942 P96I] This grand-scale publication (first published in 1825-28) provided a comprehensive account, illustrated with engravings by various printmakers

* Lassus & Viollet-le-Duc Notre-Dame de Paris 1856 {1859} Loc? [IB]

Lassus, Jean-Baptiste (1805-57; French), & Viollet-le-Duc, Eugène (1814-79; French) Monographie de Notre Dame de Paris, et de la nouvelle sacristie de MM.Lassus et Viollet-le-Duc… (Paris: A.Morel, 1856) Purchased 1859 Location unknown This volume, illustrated with engravings, chromo-lithographs, and a set of photographs by Bisson Frères, is listed in MPL 1857 as published in 1856. This

Jones (O.) & Goury Alhambra 1842-45 {1858} SLV [IB]

Jones, Owen (1809-74; Welsh), & Goury, Jules (1803-34; French) Plans, elevations, sections and details of the Alhambra… (2 vols., London: Owen Jones, 1842-45; with some 100 lithographed plates) Purchased 1858 State Library of Victoria [RARE SEF 728.81 J72] This lavish, large-scale publication documents the decoration of the famous palace/citadel in Granada, dating mostly from the reigns